June 3, 2023

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Ecuador: The Armed Forces have warned that democracy is in “grave danger” due to civil strife.

Protests of the tribe of Ecuador Defense Minister Louis Laura, who represents the Armed Forces, said on Tuesday that the country’s nine-day roadblock against the government had “seriously endangered” democracy.

“Democracy Ecuador The vast majority of Ecuadorians are in grave danger due to the concerted efforts of enthusiastic people to prevent their free movement, “he told reporters.

He further added that the “sole purpose” of the violent groups’ activities was to “create panic and extort money from companies, institutions and officials.”

Los Armed Forces “They are very concerned about the handling of social opposition and the attempt to impose on the state the basic principles of the development of violence, freedom and coexistence in democracy by those who reject dialogue.”

Laura added that there is an even more serious fact: “These actions are in line with the heinous criminal attack on drug traffickers and victims of organized crime.”

“These actions are beyond civil opposition, a deliberate attempt to use armed violence to attack democracy and threaten institutions,” he said.

He warned Armed Forces “They will not allow any attempt to violate constitutional order or take any action against the laws of democracy and the republic.”

“Anti-social activities are legal, as long as they do not violate the guarantees and rights of the majority of citizens. Said the Minister.

When these rights are violated, Laura points out. Groups that impede independent movement “They are creating anxiety. They are attacking other insecure citizens. Only then should the government take action on behalf of all the people of Ecuador to restore normalcy and restore peace.”

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“This violence and crime will not help the social demands, but rather it will harm them because there is a hand behind drug trafficking and organized crime,” he said.

For this reason, he called on the people of Ecuador to “defend national unity, peace and democracy.”

“They are trying to overthrow the president,” Guillermo Lasso said

Laura’s report comes a day after the head of state. Guillermo LassoMaking sure that We will not allow chaos in the country During anti-government protests, he said, he was “trying to overthrow (remove) the president”.

“I am here to protect the people and to fight for democracy and the will of the people People of Ecuador. I will not allow chaos to prevail, “Lasso wrote on Twitter.

“They are looking for chaos. They want to overthrow the president. I am here, I am not going to escape, but I am here to protect every one of their families, especially the poor,” he said. Lasso In a video with his voice with the message on Twitter.

This Tuesday, protests intensified with the closure of several highways in the country The capital of Ecuador Blockages in the lanes will increase.

The Corondalet Palace, the headquarters of the administration, is still being preserved, this Tuesday rising with barbed wire on the balconies of its main entrance.

On the other hand, thousands of tribals are gathering in various parts of the city to continue their struggle, demanding lower fuel prices, price controls, privatization and the elimination of labor flexibility. (EFE)