May 29, 2023

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El Chapo Guzm சென்றார்n leaves city without roses to bury his son Edgar Guzmn Lopez | Mexico | Description | EC stories | The world

This December 15, the Judiciary Drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman has announced a $ 5 million reward for information leading to the discovery of Lora’s children. .

Ovidio Guzm லn Lopez, Ivan Archievaldo Guzm சn Salazar, Jesus Alfredo Guzm சn Salazar and Joaquin Guzman Lopez They are wanted for being members of the Sinaloa Cartel. According to the official statement, they have been charged with illegal drug trafficking.

The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on four people and froze their assets To us.

However, another son’s name is not on this list ‘El Chapo’. This is about you First born Edgar Guzman Lopez, ‘El Moreno’Assassinated May 8, 2008 குலியாகன், Mexico, and whose funerals left the entire city without roses.

A violent conflict

According to El Heraldo de Mexico, the death of Edgar Guzmn was one of the most memorable incidents of violence in Culiacan.

The young man was murdered outside a shopping center in the city. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention.

César Ariel Loera Guzmán, ‘Chapo”s nephew, and Arturo Meza Cázares, son of Blanca Margarita Cázares Salazar, also known as La Emperatriz, also lost their lives at the scene.

As the ‘El Heraldo de Mexico’ explains, the two have gone with the most promising son of a drug trafficker. Number of 500 shots fired. Violent attack, According to local media.

Edgar’s wife, Frida Munos, said there was a war between Sinaloa Cartel and Peltron Levas.

The son of ‘El Sappo’ was killed in an armed conflict with the enemy group. (Photo: iStock)

50 thousand roses as a last resort

Edgar has nothing to do with his father’s illicit business, however, there are those who claim that he is the most beloved son of ‘Sappho’ and that is why his death occurred. Breaking the heart To the culprit.

The drug dealer was full of pain, anger and thirst for revenge, yet he had an interesting detail for the funeral of his first born.

The boss ordered everything to be bought Roses Of the city, it was just over 50,000.

As explained by ‘El Heraldo’, the residents of Culiacon still remember the event, which took place on a date close to the Mother’s Day celebration, when the event caused a severe shortage of flowers due to the culprit’s sudden purchase.

As for the interesting fact, Lubilo Rivera performed a corridor called ’50 Thousand Roses’.

50 thousand red roses have been sold in Guliagan and are ready to celebrate on May 10th. But a few days ago, Edgar Guzman left us. The news spread like wildfire”, The artist sings.

‘Final Monument’

The remains of Edgar Guzmn Lopez are in the town of Jesus Maria in Culiacan. The bloodthirsty king built a luxurious tomb for his son at no cost.

It’s about one Fancy tomb With various amenities: air conditioning, bathrooms, 24 hour security and many more rooms.

It is a two-story complex with ‘residential finishing’ and security fences where the remains of the drug trafficker’s brother, Arturo Guzman Lora, rest.

There is a tomb or funeral monument with lanterns, a large cross and the initials of the victims of that conflict: EGL, CLG and AMC.

You can study there ‘We will always love them‘, Stands for’ El Heraldo de Mexico ‘.

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