December 4, 2022

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Elections 2021 | Julio Caesar Costiglioni: Francisco Chogasti can be “constitutionally charged” for rejecting censorship demands

Julio Caesar Castiglioni, Advocate Member of the Legal Committee Celebrity Force, Confirmed that the party could bring a constitutional charge against the president Francisco Chagasti By the decision of the administrator to reject the audit request.

“Twitter is the way it responds. This is not the way it is because Ms. Fujimori provided a summary. Responses to the Minister of Justice responsible for advising the President on justice matters. It has not been addressed to him. [el pedido], Addressed to the President. Leadership Famous force He will have to file a constitutional charge to relinquish his functions as president. This is a decision for the governing body, but not for us lawyers. As I say, an accusation can be made, “said Castiglioni.

“We are not asking the president to decide, but to implement it. We are saying this to act as a schedule for the parties because this is a state that addresses the OAS. He is not going to resolve it,” he added.

In the letter sent to the candidate Famous force Justice and Human Rights Minister Eduardo Vega has stated that the executive branch and the president cannot interfere in the electoral process by responding to the request of one of the participating political forces.

Requests before JNE are pending

According to Castigilioni, 338 requests for zero of minutes have not yet been resolved and have been declared inadmissible. “It simply came to our notice then. It depends on the speed of the national election arbitrator and the speed of the special election juries, ”he said.

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Podcast RBP | THE PRESIDENT OF CONGRESS: Audit of the Board of Directors may endanger the presidency of the Republic

Mirta Vasquez reiterated that there was good feeling in the full session of Congress by not approving the new audit resolution against the Board of Directors.