May 30, 2023

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Elections 2021 | New York Times: The article says that the accusation of big fraud is more dangerous than Trump

The allegation of fraud, without evidence, was made Keiko Fujimori After the vote in Peru, they did not “delay the certification” of the new president, but it also contained “radicalized elements of Peruvian rights,” which “threatens the country’s weak democracy,” an article published this Sunday said. July 4 in The New York Times.

According to experts, the most important newspaper in the United States confirms that the story of Fujimori’s successor is more dangerous than it used to be. Donald Trump In 2020 or Benjamin Netanyahu, In Israel, this year.

Unlike the United States. U.U. And Israel, Peruvian companies are “very weak, which could lead the country to an uprising, coup or a dictatorial turn”, Says the article signed by journalists Mitra Taj and Julie Turkwitz.

“The story of a rigged election has at times given rise to racism and classism. On polling day, WhatsApp spread false news that tribal people were encircling Lima, indicating that they would use violence if Fujimori won, ”the English text said.

During the pro-Fujimori demonstration, “a group of young men in bulletproof vests and helmets marched with makeshift shields drawn by Burgundy Cross, symbolizing the Spanish Empire as popular among those celebrating their European heritage” and “showing that a man is like a Nazi.”

“Fujimori, The granddaughter of a Japanese immigrant, (…) she was with the country’s elite, mostly of European descent, as her father had last done, ”the analysis points out.

This week, the Peruvian government rejected the candidate’s request for international censorship in the June 6 presidential election. From the day after the election, Fujimori denounced it as a “fraud” since he took charge as the elected leader of Castile in Point Pedro.

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Election observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) have pointed out that Peru’s elections were clean and free of “serious irregularities.” The United States also declared that they were “free, fair, accessible and peaceful elections” that set the stage for “democracy in the region.”.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission (ONPE), which reached 100% two weeks ago, received 50.12% of the vote for Castillo and 49.87% for Fujimori, just 44,000 votes.

With information from AFP.