May 30, 2023

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Electronic passport | Which countries can you travel to with your DNI only? | Passport | DNI | Travel | பெரு nnda-nnlt | Peru

You do not want to go into the process of getting yours He does not want to process the visa, but he is determined to make a trip outside our borders. Where can you travel only with your National Identity Card (DNI)? Can I leave the country only with this document?

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In fact, adults can also leave the country by showing only our ID, as this document is valid for transmitting and sending immigration restrictions at certain airports or border posts.

Where do I go with my identity?

As announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Migration Superintendent, Nine countries within South America – currently by unilateral decision or agreement – allow the entry of Peruvians Only show your ID for tours.

1. Argentina

Thanks to the bilateral agreements that exempt us from using a passport to travel to this country, Peruvians can only enter this destination without our ID and problems.

2. Bolivia

By Resolution 503 of the Andean Council, adopted by the Andean Council (CAN) -based countries, Peruvians are allowed to enter Bolivia with their DNA and without having to show their passport.

3. Brazil

Enjoying the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Iguazu Falls and various other places in Brazil is possible only by carrying our ID to enter this country, thanks to the agreements with this neighboring country. The only requirement is the yellow fever vaccine.

4. Colombia

Through the February 7, 1986 agreement to suppress visas on ordinary passports and the decision of the CAN’s Andean Council 503, adults are allowed to enter Colombia only with their DNA.

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The decision, reached between the governments of Colombia, Chile and Peru on November 1, 2012, was aimed at ensuring that DNIs were used “for the sole purpose of carrying out tourism activities.”

5. Chile

Peruvians are allowed to enter the country by showing only their DNA due to the agreement to suppress visas on ordinary passports accepted on January 30, 1992.

6. Ecuador

Since our northern neighbors are also part of the CAN, the entry of Peruvians into this country, which has only our DNA, is possible. Also this can be done by post or by plane at the Tumbus border.

7. Paraguay

Although we do not share a border with this country, adults can travel to Paraguay without having to process a passport. Our entry is only allowed with our identity.

8. Uruguay

No visa or passport is required due to the mutual agreement between the two countries adopted on December 15, 1969. For this reason, entering Uruguay is only possible with our DNA.

9. Venezuela

Like most South American countries, Venezuela is another country where Peruvians can only carry our ID, but this is only allowed if you enter by air and use the international airports of this country.

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Andean Migration Card

If your trip is to one of the countries of the Andean community (Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador), you will be issued after you provide your ID in the immigration restrictions Andean Migration Card (TAM).

This migration and statistics control document is mandatory for travel between CAN countries and will be provided to you when you enter any Andean country. You must carry your TAM with you throughout your entire trip and hand it over to the immigration authorities when you leave the country you are visiting.

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In Peru, the virtual TAM is operated at Jorge Chavez Airport (for international travelers) and at authorized ports (for ships).

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