March 29, 2023

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Elizabeth Holmes: The Grace EC Stories of the Young Woman Nicknamed “New Steve Jobs” | The world

According to Forbes magazine, he is the “youngest millionaire in the world who created himself”. Named “Next Steve Jobs” Inc., another business magazine was placed on its cover.

In 2014, Elizabeth Holmes, Then 30 years old, he was at the top of the world.

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After leaving Stanford University, he founded a company of value US $ 9 billion, Is said to have revolutionized the diagnosis.

A few drops with blood, proof Edison of Theronos This ensured a quick diagnosis of diseases such as cancer and diabetes without the need for injections.

Big scenes from Henry Kissinger to Rupert Murdoch invested in her.

But by 2015, the project began to show signs of thinning, and within a year, Holmes’ idea was seen Lie.

The technology he promoted did not work, and in 2018 the company he founded collapsed.

Today, Holmes, 37, She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of all 12 scams. It was calculated for him.

He has not yet told his side story.

Journalist Rupert Murdoch lost $ 165 million to Theronos. (Getty Images)

His trial, which begins this month – will be closely monitored by US Elizabeth Holmes and others. He is expected to plead not guilty.

In a twist, this weekend her lawyers will be arguing that she is her ex-boyfriend and business partner, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, He sexually abused her and mentally controlled her during the accusations, undermining her mood.

Balwani, 56, who faces the same fraud charges, called the allegations “outrageous.”

The arbitral tribunal will decide how mercifully or harshly the woman who deceived everyone from politicians to secretaries will be judged.

Stress from the beginning

Despite being the subject of a book, an HBO documentary and an upcoming TV series and movie, it is not yet clear why Holmes took so much risk with a technology he knew did not work.

Holmes grew up in one Wealthy family in Washington DCAlso, she is an educated but withdrawn woman, according to those who know her.

Holmes blamed his former partner and partner, Ramesh "The sun touches" Balwani, sexually abused her.  (Getty Images)
Holmes has accused his ex-partner and accomplice Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani of sexually abusing him. (Getty Images)

Inventor and entrepreneur Richard Fois, 81, speculates that he must have been under great pressure to succeed.

His family lived next door to Holmes for many years, but they left in 2011 when Theronos sued him over a patent dispute (which was later settled).

Holmes’ parents were most of their bureaucrats on Capitol Hill (i.e. the U.S. Congress and surrounding administrative buildings), but “they were very Interested in status ” And “they lived for connections,” Fuse told the BBC.

Was the founder of his paternal grandfather Fleischmann’s YeastThis changed the American bread industry, and the family was well aware of their heritage, he said.

Professor Phyllis Gardner told Holmes that his idea would not work.  (Getty Images)
Professor Phyllis Gardner told Holmes that his idea would not work. (Getty Images)

At the age of nine, young Elizabeth wrote a letter to her father, declaring that “what he really wants out of life is to discover something new and to do something unknown to mankind.”

When he came to study at Stanford University in 2002 Chemical engineering, He came up with the idea of ​​a link that could scan the patient for infections and release antibiotics as needed.

At 18, he has already shown a stubbornness and, apparently, will continue to promote the company he discovers next year.

Phyllis Gardner, a medical pharmacologist at Stanford, recalled discussing Holmes’ skin connection and saying it “does not work.”

“She was staring at me but it was as if she was not looking at me,” Gardner told the BBC.

It seemed absolutely Definitely her own talent. She was not interested in my experience, it was annoying. “

Meteor rise

Months later, at the age of 19, Holmes He left Stanford and released Theronos, This method is a revolutionary way of testing blood with a simple finger prick.

Many powerful individuals were invested in the company without looking at the audited financial accounts.

On stage with former US President Bill Clinton in 2015.  At the time, Holmes was the youngest millionaire in the world.  (Getty Images)
On stage with former US President Bill Clinton in 2015. At the time, Holmes was the youngest millionaire in the world. (Getty Images)

US Treasury Secretary George Schultz, the decorated Marine Corps General James Mattis (later served in the Trump administration), and the wealthy family of the United States, the Waldons, were among those who provided their support.

This lE gave credibility, As well as the way they behave.

“I know she has this wonderful idea and she was able to convince all of these investors and scientists,” says Jeffrey Flyer, former dean of Harvard Medical School.

“She was confident about herself, but when I asked her a lot of questions about her technology, she didn’t understand,” Flyer says, not evaluating her technology properly.

“It seemed a little strange to me, but I didn’t come out thinking it was a scam.”

Flyer invited her to join the board of medical education board scholars, who regretted that Holmes was fired when the scandal broke out.

Incredible results

It all started Falling in 2015 When an internal concern was raised about Edison, Theronos’ primary testing device.

Wrote a series for the Wall Street Journal Bad expressions He said the results were unreliable and that the company would use commercially available machines made by other manufacturers for most of its tests.

Getty Images.
Getty Images.

Cases were filed, allies severed ties, and in 2016, U.S. regulators barred Holmes from running a blood test service for two years.

On 2018, Theranos disbanded.

Abuse or abuse?

In March of that year, Holmes settled a civil lawsuit against financial regulators for fraudulently raising $ 700 million from investors.

But three months later it was Arrested with Balwani, Criminal cases of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The way he behaved and the support he received gave him credibility.  (Getty Images)
The way he behaved and the support he received gave him credibility. (Getty Images)

Holmes was Were released on bail And in 2019 she married William “Billy” Evans, 27, heir to the Evans Hotel Group hotel chain. They had one Child In July of this year.

Emily de Baker, a former Los Angeles attorney and legal commentator, said: “I do not think she’s a mother now.

A test

As Theronos’ investigation into the scandal approaches, commentators say it is remarkable how firmly she stuck to her original story, and those who know her suspect she has changed.

According to court documents, Holmes’ lawyers are prepared to argue that Theronos “believed he was being misrepresented” and that it was “worth creating a proper business for investors”.

They are also likely to have it Balwani’s control behavior “Eliminated his ability to make decisions,” including the ability to “deceive victims.”

Theronos’ former CEO, who will be questioned separately next year, has been monitoring for more than a decade how he dressed, what he ate and with whom he spoke.

They will call a psychologist who specializes in sexual abuse as a witness.

It is unclear whether Holmes will take a stand.

“It’s the hardest thing in any fraud case Show that the person tried to cheat”, Transparent baker.

“So lawyers should use her text messages and emails and argue that she knew the technology didn’t work, but that it did.”


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