December 4, 2022

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Elizabeth II of England: Why she did not use her driver’s license | Royalty | Royals | nnda | nnni | The world

Unnoticed details. One of the many privileges the Queen has As a member of the British monarchy, he is the only person in the entire country who does not have or need a driver’s license and cannot be detained for it. Reasons? Here we explain everything.

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The head of the British royal family has been driving without a driver’s license for more than 70 years because his name is licensed under British law. Additionally, your official vehicle does not require a license plate or plate.

The rules of the protocol establish that Isabel II must be a driver, but she has been driving since she was 19 years old. (Photo: Bob Haswell / Express / Getty Images)

Why the Queen is driving without a license

Isabel II In the UK you do not need a driver’s license because it is exempt from the rules and regulations affecting sovereign powers and road rules.

King, who Since 2015, he has been driving since he was 19, but according to ethical rules Royal family They insist you have a driver; However, you can when you think of picking up the wheel.

According to In the middle ’20 minutes’The 95-year-old Queen is unlikely to be seen driving on the streets of London, but can carry one of the many Bentley and Jaguar she has inside the Windsor.

In a statement to the magazine Hello!Simon Morgan, the former head of security at the State House, explained that sometimes he would not wear a seat belt to escape in an emergency.

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