May 30, 2023

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Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom: The Queen’s Emotional Gesture with the Queen’s Wife With Terminal Cancer | British Royal Family | Royals | Royalty | நந்த ண்ணி | People

The most human side of sovereignty. Queen He has a number of professionals at Buckingham Palace, including a royal pipe. Between 2015 and 2019, this position was played by Scott Methwen, who recently revealed an emotional event with the king, which brought to light her little known side.

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It was revealed a few days ago to the British chain , The queen supported him when his wife was ill, Was diagnosed with terminal cancer In 2017 Medwen was working for the Queen At Palmoral Castle, the king’s summer vacation, when his wife gets the news.

“Think: ‘What do I do with the kids now?’ And they told me to go with my wife. The children stayed at Palmoral Castle and watched them, while I watched my wife. They were given only a few weeks to live, but in the end it lasted a year. “, Said the former royal queen.

According to Methwen, the Queen organized the ayas of the British royal family They will take care of their children. They stayed at Palmoral Castle and later settled at Windsor Castle, where they played with Prince George, the eldest son of the Duke of Cambridge.

Former Royal stripper Scott Methwen and his wife. (Photo: Facebook | Scott Methven)

“People will think what they want about the British royal family and the Queen, but They helped me a lotMehta said. In addition, as if that were not enough, the king sent baskets of strawberries and muffins to the nurses and paramedics in the care of Medwin’s wife.

Methven accomplished the task of waking up the Queen in the morning. Located under your bedroom At Palmoral Castle. This usually happened during the king’s stay in this Scottish settlement.

The condition of the actual piper Created in 1843 He was inspired by Queen Victoria to have someone in his service after staying at Damewood Castle. Since then, 17 pipers have been involved in this work.

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