December 4, 2022

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England Elizabeth II: How Her Dairy Cows Get ‘Royal Treatment’ in Windsor | British Royal Family | Royalty | nnda | nnni | The world

Not only do they roam freely in the lush meadows of Windsor, but they live a life worthy of British royalty. Can you imagine? The life of the Queen Its meticulous food is full of details and curiosities that will never disappear before leaving the palace and will attract attention like a portfolio that no one can touch. Not only is she king, she also has a great love for animals, horses or Corkis dogs, but she has 165 dairy cows, which are not normal, but comfortable sleeping.

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Most belong to the ‘Freddie Polly’ dynasty and in 1871, received the gift of Queen Victoria. From there they began to have ‘royal treatment’ and luxurious facilities.

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Such as ‘Hello’, Windsor Estate “It has automatic brushes that you can swipe to remove dirt and pressure; high-tech robots milking; permanently cleaning the barn that has a separate location for each animal and the land on which they walk is not grass, but water.”. According to experts, it helps protect the back, hawks and lap, and prevents sores or pain caused by traditional floors.

The cows featured with the cows of Elizabeth II and her late husband Edinburgh remove their stress with automatic brushes. (Photo: theroyalfamily / Instagram)

Dairy cows live as queens

Royal Cows appeared on television when the BBC aired three episodes on farms to mark the 30th anniversary of its ‘Countryfile’ program and the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Isabel II.

“When the cow is lying down, the water pushes it down to the points where it is pressed and floats.”, Explained a person in charge of the BBC in the waters.

Curiosity of Isabel II It was not news to the animals because, in addition to his beloved dogs, his horses also began to walk around the palace. For this reason, the Windsor farm manager did not hesitate to say so “Queen Elizabeth is a farmer”.

The Lord did not care about the cows as her husband Edinburgh Philip He also knew the animal pen in Palmoral. Following his death in April 2021, the official Facebook account of the British royal family He said Duke worked with farm workers, farmers and caretakers to maintain farms for future generations through wildlife and biodiversity conservation efforts. In recent years, his Royal Highness has received regular updates and has been very interested in the progress of the States.

Pigeon News

In addition to the 165 dairy cows on strike in Windsor, the King has 200 incoming pigeons on a luxurious terrace on the Sandringham House Estate in Norfolk. They share Palmoral Castle with a colony of bats with free access to the place.

‘Hello’ This illustrates that Enrique de Sussex and Guillermo de Cambridge’s grandmothers possessed Thames’ swans and that their numbers were controlled to prevent the population from declining each year. Furthermore, in terms of Act 1324 of King Edward II, it is still in force: The king will keep all the goods in the sea”, I.e., she keeps all marine animals caught three miles or less off the coast of England.

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