May 30, 2023

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Exchange Rate | The price of the dollar was quoted at S / 3.8270 on Thursday, what are the reasons for its appreciation? | economy

According to Renta4 SAB forex trader Alexander Javier Bernola, this was due to risk Depression Inside America and internal factors. “Due to the increase in interest rates and economic data, everything points to a slowdown America […] Along with that, there was a political uproar in the country dollar Maximum S/3.8360“, he pointed out.

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In that event, DepressionBernola pointed out that this could reduce demand for Peruvian exports in the North American country. “In terms of international trade, U.S. demand for Peruvian goods in food, consumption and energy, Peru’s exports, could be seen to decrease. America They account for 12% of total exports and these three sectors account for 70% of total exports”, he mentioned.

Alberto Arispe, general manager of Calpa SAB, agreed that both factors drove up prices. dollar He also said that it has been hailed as a safe haven currency against the odds Depression. “There will be a public shelter dollar Against emerging markets due to lower expectations of global growth and potential Depression“, he pointed out.

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It is noteworthy that this is the first time exchange rate It has been above S/3.80 since last May 9. Similarly, after May 2nd each is at its maximum price dollar Its value is S/3,836.

On the other hand, in the parallel market or major exchange houses, the greenback was bought at S/3,790 and sold at S/3,835.

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copper factor

In addition to the above, the fall in copper prices has had a negative effect on the value of mining stocks in Peru. This situation also affects variability exchange rateAccording to Arispe.

The dollar Due to the Federal Reserve position, the region’s currencies are rising sharply America Increase in rates and fall in prices of ‘commodities’ will affect them negatively. A sharp drop in copper is affecting Peru”, he highlighted.

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Copper futures traded at US$3.68 a pound on the London Metal Exchange yesterday, down from US$3.77 earlier in the week.


  • During yesterday’s session, the Central Reserve Bank sold 162 million USD at an average exchange rate of S/3.8316. dollar.
  • In addition, it sold bank transfers for USD 42 million and USD 139 million.