September 26, 2021

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Expired DNI: Find out how much time you have to get a new document Peru

At the end of June, the National Identity and Civil Status Registration () Extended – for the third time – the deadline for those who hold them Once it expires, you can continue to use it without problems until August 31 – during that time – you can process a new document.

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However, with the deadline still a few days away, Renick did not confirm whether the validity period of expired DNIs would be extended.As the health emergency is extended until March 2022, the validity period of the DNI will be extended again as there is a possibility of a third wave.

For what reason? As noted by the Registrar, reducing the capacity of public service offices, social distance operations, maintenance and infection risk of its servers facing infection, “They have created a reduction in the functional capacity of attention”The demand of the citizens is constantly increasing.

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In this sense, and if the restrictions are maintained – as ordered by the health emergency extension – the validity period of expired DNAs will be extended again.

Even? Recently, The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) extends validity of Class A and B driving licenses Until December 31, all licensed drivers (in all its variants) can continue to drive their private cars, taxis, custards, buses, trucks and motorcycles.

As, if This measure seeks to avoid congestion and infection risks when re-evaluating certificates, and the same argument applies to the valid extension of expired DNIs.

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Requirements for holding an Expired ID

As Renick explained, the extension of expired DNIs was accepted so that citizens with expired DNIs would have no difficulty in carrying out civil, business, administrative, judicial or police actions or procedures, unless the deadline of August 31 is extended? What kind of procedures can no longer be performed with expired DNA?

DNI creates a public, personal, non-transferable document, compulsory application and personal identification card for all civil, commercial, administrative, police, judicial purposes and, in general, all cases by law. To be provided; Identifying its expired population may also limit access to these processes.

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In this sense, In municipalities you cannot do procedures, you cannot sign contracts, You will not be able to obtain a certified copy of a certificate or proceed with your divorce proceedings.

What else, At banks or financial institutions, any transaction that requires your ID will be blocked This is because they are only done with the current document. That way, if it is, you will not be able to renew your expired cards and you will not be able to collect government-issued bonds to deal with financial problems due to a health emergency. Also, you cannot make purchases with your cards. debt.

Although Legislative Order No. 1246 was issued in 2016, it states that the presence of expired DNA will not be a barrier when citizens prove their identity. But, finally, every company carries out procedures (civil, commercial, administrative, notary, registration, judicial and police).

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How do I update my ID?

If the validity period is not extended, you should be aware of it You can update your identity in two ways: in person or using Directed by Renick.

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To chat, additionally go to any one Renic Registration offices or agencies across the countryYou can do this at the seven best Citizen Service Centers (MAC Centers) in the capital. But both the Renic and MAC centers, Focused by meeting, You need to plan it in advance.

Yes, he will In Renig, you have to book your appointment Created by Registration Company. However, you must have previously paid the relevant fee to implement the procedure. After entering your DNI number, you will need to verify your first family name and then fill out the form with your email and your cell phone number.

After confirming the requested data, you can schedule your appointment by selecting the type of procedure you will perform (DNI update in this case) and the location of the agency you are going to.

And If you choose a MAC center, you will need to make an appointment with yourself . There you need to select the location of the MAC Center and fill out the form with the information you requested. On the day of your appointment, you can carry out the procedure for renewing your ID with your payment voucher.

The DNI renewal process can be done through the site created by Reneek (Image: Reneek)

‘Online’ via Renewal

If you have decided to carry out the process through After accepting the terms and conditions, you can proceed with the process. But, first you need to check your personal data: ID number, date of birth and your parents name.

Once you have verified your data, you can begin the update process, however before – as mentioned in Reneg – you will need to authorize and photograph the process . You can get this application from any ‘smartphone’ on the Android operating system or computer or laptop in Google Chrome browser.

Once the process is complete you can select the office where you want to collect your new ID and a report of the process you have undertaken will be sent to your email. If you want to check the status of your practice, you can do it through it Reneek.