May 30, 2023

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Facebook Viral: A man waits a month for his wife to leave the hospital, but she dies due to Govt-19

From the beginning Corona virusMillions of families have lost a relative to this terrible disease. This is the case Jorcity Hon, Whose moving story was published Facebook.

Published by the media G1Han took his wife Metropolitan Hospital In Cuba (Brazil) Due to problems last July 11 COVID-19. For several weeks, she waited for her partner to heal, and at some point she improved, but after a few days her health deteriorated and she relapsed.

The man set up two chairs, one of which he ate for breakfast together in the kitchen before going to work, hoping his wife would recover and re-occupy her usual place.

“Every morning, we get up early before work and do the housework, have a Cimaro (spouse) sit down, talk about the day, what to do, we planned some things, and this chair will reflect that,” he recalled.

However, on August 4, during the last visit of one of her three daughters, she was informed that her mother had died of an illness.

Jorcity He received the first dose of the Govit-19 vaccine the same week his wife died. The mother of her children regretted not having time to get vaccinated.

The medical team reunited with her children after spending two months fighting the corona virus

A video has been released Facebook It has gone viral and attracted thousands of users because it shows the moment when a new doctor emotionally reunites with his children almost two months later without looking to treat people infected with the new corona virus. The tender scene soon became a trend on social media.

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With the rapid spread of Govt-19 around the world, all hospitals need staff to care for all patients. So, a woman who lived in Summit County, Colorado, decided to go in favor of New York because it is one of the most affected places in the United States.

Adjunct physician and pediatrician

The elderly couple are acting in a gentle reunion after leaving the hospital

An elderly couple caught my eye Tic Tac Toe And other social networks, several weeks after they split up and starred in the video they joined. The man had been in the hospital for a long time due to illness, but his wife’s reception touched the hearts of thousands.

The clip, shared by user @ ellenmurphy38, initially showed the woman pouring herself a glass of milk to drink. Moments later a young woman entered the wheelchair with an older man.