March 29, 2023

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Finland in NATO: Russia threatens military action if it joins Atlantic Alliance | War in Ukraine | Vladimir Putin | The world

Warned today After the historic decision of the leaders of that country, with retaliatory measures, including technical-military operations, This, according to Moscow, poses a threat to stability and security in Northern Europe.

Russia It will be forced to take military-technical and other response measures to counter threats to its national security. “The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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Moscow considers the announcement by Finnish leaders to reflect “a drastic change in the country’s foreign policy.”

“‘S goal OTAN (…) This is clear: continue its expansion towards the borders RussiaCreate a new military threat to our country ”, To condemn the reference.

Russia He wonders “Why? Finland Will turn its territory into a border of military hostility with the Russian Federation. “

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“In Helsinki they have to take into account the responsibility and consequences of such action Finland in NATO This will cause serious damage to bilateral relations and maintain stability and security in the Northern European region. Said.

The official note was that for many years the military deployment of Scandinavia served as the basis for cooperation between the two countries, “in which the role of the military factor was reduced to zero.”

He laments that Russia’s promises of “no hostility” or the long history of good neighborly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation “did not convince Helsinki of the benefits of maintaining a policy of military non-alignment.”

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At the same time, Foreign affairs accused Finland of violating the 1947 Paris Peace Accord if it entered the Atlantic Alliance, preventing it from entering into alliances or alliances against other countries.

This would violate the 1992 Russo-Finnish agreement, which would prevent the two countries from using threats or force against each other’s territorial integrity or political freedom, and would not allow their territory to be used for military aggression against others. Area.

Finland must apply without delay to join NATO. We hope that further steps at the national level to take this decision will be taken expeditiously in the coming days, ”the President said today. Sauli Ninisto, And in a joint statement by the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin.

The Nordic country has benefited for decades by maintaining a privileged relationship with the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, but has accelerated the current Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Precisely before Russia began its military intervention in Ukraine, Russia demanded OTAN Security guarantees that it will not accept any former Soviet republics and will withdraw its military infrastructure from the Allied Powers after 1997.

In particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated that Georgia and Ukraine have abandoned joining the Atlantic Alliance, but want to join the European Union.