August 16, 2022

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Former Foreign Ministers reject Runasur meeting convened by Evo Morales in Cusco on December 20 and 21 Pedro Castillo nndc | Peru

Three former foreign ministers and eight former deputy ministers rejected a run-off meeting convened by former Bolivian President Evo Morales in Cusco on December 20 and 21.

In a statement, they pledged to be the former Bolivian president “Bolivia proposes secession of Peru by providing sovereign exit to the Pacific, thus creating the ‘Aymara Nation’ as a Bolivian regional expansion”.

They said in detail Evo Morales Proposes to find one “Fluorination America”, Like the name used in Bolivia with the participation of indigenous peoples, workers, teachers, farmers and academics “Selected for the purpose of seizing power”.

As they mentioned, the cast said yes “Liberate the American People through Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Colonial and Anti-Imperialist Policies”, Allowing to recover “Thousands of Principles of Life” And that Runasur There will be one “Transnational Fluorination Company” It will also be headquartered in Kochabamba.

“Obviously this is a broad transnational geopolitical agenda for the states, their respective sovereignty and independence and, of course, the exclusion of existing democratic regimes. OAS violates the basic rules of letters., He insisted.

For this reason, diplomats advised the President, Pedro Castillo, “Do not allow foreign politicians to carry out events that undermine our freedom, sovereignty and dignity and do not diminish support.”, As “They promote sectarianism and seek to destroy the rule of law.”.

“Elected officials are constitutionally obliged to take clear action to prevent such an attack, unauthorized and harmful encounter.”, Sentenced.

Report of former Foreign Ministers and former Vice-Chancellors. (Photo: Broadcast)

The document was signed by former foreign ministers Alan Wagner, Jose Antonio Garcia Bellande and Ricardo Luna Mendoza, Former Deputy Ministers Alfonso Rivero Mansalov, Hugo Palma Valderrama, Alejandro Cardillo Fernandes, Eduardo Bones Vivanco, Jorge Votto Bernalos Cadica, Jose Antonio Arrosbite del Bosto, Bernard Jonas Rose

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