December 4, 2022

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Former Mero logo of Walter O’Brien Susie Diaz goes missing | Entertainment | IMP | Views

They returned from Cancun at dawn yesterday, defending themselves from the criticism of ‘Gringo de Harme’ when they overcame immigration restrictions. ‘Just crazy‘, Then She called him ‘Vivider’, ‘Wagon’ and a female hitter.

Notice this: After criticizing her journey with ‘Prince of Huarmi’, Susie told Thias Magali: “I do not live from what he says”

Walter, Eddie Hidalgo said it all as a result of your trip with Susie …

What can I say about that man, I have my profession, I depend on myself, he only speaks because he wants to attract attention. Since she disappeared, I do not remember where she was, she did not violate Susie, but she did not return with her ex.

Are you and Susie a couple again? Did you hear her hand in the canyon?

Susie is a woman who has added a lot to my life since I met her, and after the lawsuit (her ex-complaint), I did not stop communicating with her, which is why she respects me. If he had doubts about me, do you think he would have spent his birthday in Cancun with me? But let’s see what happens, we need to talk.

Do you like her?

Yes, there is love, we lived together for two years and at first (when they broke up) it shocked me so much. Our division occurred because of our jobs. Susie wants a man who knows about her and is jealous, but our business has pushed us away, so let’s see what happens.

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‘Wagonetta and Vivider’

Eddie Hidalgo, known as the ‘Crazy Grooper’, , Traveled to Cancun with Walter O’Brien, who was the result of his resumption of his relationship and accused of treason and physical assault.

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I do not know what Susie has, it was her birthday a few days ago, I thought she was a mature woman, she was more focused on ideas, but she is more confused. I don’t know how he will get back with that ‘wagon’. He is alone with Susie to live it because he has no job or benefit. On top of that, he likes to beat women. I suggest to Susie to think carefully about what she is doing and open her eyes because she is already almost 60 years old, but at her age she only pretends to be a fool to be with a man without a career. A beacon. I wanted to talk to Floricita (Diaz’s daughter) so she could talk to her mother and see how she could get inside. Susie is a woman, but she does not love anyone. The man turns on her, the guy dominates her at will, does with him what he wants“El Moro logo,” he said.

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