December 4, 2022

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Francis Hogan Live: Facebook Whistleblower Appears Before US Senate | Capital | Research | The world

, A whistleblower , On Tuesday called for the control of the social media company in the presence of U.S. lawmakers, revealing a day when a major blackout affected billions of users and the global bias of its services.

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Example Francis Hogan Authorities and The Wall Street Journal testify on Capitol Hill after the leak, a large file of internal investigations describing how Facebook knew its sites were detrimental to the mental health of young people.

Identity: Woman leaks “Facebook archives” reveals how social networking contributed to the attack on Capitol

Hogan He will speak to the senators a day later FacebookAccording to Tracker Downtector, its photo sharing processor Instagram and messaging service WhatsApp was down for about seven hours.

According to excerpts leaked to the US media, Hogan is going to accuse Facebook of putting its interests ahead of the safety of its users.

Identity: Francis Hogan: The identity of the woman who leaked the “Facebook files”

“Facebook has become a trillion dollar company, financing its profits with our security, including the protection of our children.” Dice Hogan In a statement he prepared for the Senate hearing quoted by Bloomberg News.

“I came forward because I recognized a horrible truth: there was almost no one outside Facebook Know what is going on inside Facebook. The management of the company conceals important information from the public, the US government, its partners and governments around the world., To explain.

This September 16, 2021, photo provided by CBS, Facebook Whistleblower Francis Hogen speaks to CBS 'Scott Belle "60 minutes", In an episode that aired Sunday, October 3rd.  (60 minutes via Robert Fortunado / CBS News / AB).
In this September 16, 2021 photo provided by CBS, Facebook Whistleblower Francis Hagen Ken talks about “60 Minutes” with CBS ‘Scott Belly, which aired on Sunday, October 3rd. (60 minutes via Robert Fortunado / CBS News / AB).

Identity: Facebook fights global blockade and whistleblower Francis Hogan’s revelations

In his testimony, he supports the discipline of this highly criticized company, which is a part of the daily lives of many people.

When we realized that the tobacco companies were hiding the damage they were causing, the government took action. The government took action when we warned that cars with seat belts were safe, ”the section argues. “I urge you to do the same in this case.”

Facebook has vehemently opposed the outrage over its practices and their impact, but this is the latest in a series of crises that have hit the Silicon Valley company.

Identity: Facebook accuses woman of leaking sensitive documents from social network “more profitable than security”

For years, U.S. lawmakers have threatened to regulate the business of Facebook and other social media sites, with tech giants encroaching on privacy, acting as a megaphone for dangerous misinformation and affecting the well-being of young people.

After years of harsh criticism on social media, without major legal amendments, some experts were skeptical that a change from Congress was possible.

Mark Haas, a professor at Arizona State University, told the AFP, “It has to come from sites that feel the pressure of users and their staff.”

“I like Instagram”

Hogan, A 37-year-old data scientist from Iowa who has worked for companies such as Google and Pinterest, but – in Sunday’s CBS news program “60 Minutes” – said in an interview that Facebook is “much worse” than everything I ‘ve ever seen.

Identity: What is known about the latest Facebook scandal (legally but morally reprehensible)

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for global affairs and politics, vehemently denied Facebook’s claims that Facebook has a “toxicity” to teenagers.

Late on Monday, Facebook was obscured by configuration changes in routers that coordinate network traffic between its data centers.

“The disruption to network traffic has had an impact on the way our data centers communicate, thus shutting down our services,” Santosh Janardhan, Facebook’s infrastructure VP, said in a post.

In addition to obscuring people, businesses and others who rely on the company’s tools, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a financial impact.

The Fortune Billionaire Web Tracker Zuckerberg’s personal wealth fell nearly $ 6 billion to $ 117 billion in late Monday.

Some were happy that Facebook tools had crashed, while others complained that the strike had caused them professional and personal problems.

“I love Instagram, especially the one I use the most for my work,” Millie Donnelly, network administrator for a non-profit organization, told AFP.

“So professionally, this is definitely a setback. And then personally, I’m always in use.”

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