June 3, 2023

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Gabriel Boric and Sebastian Pinera begin succession in Chile amid falling markets and rising dollar | Chile 2021 Elections | Coin | The world

Outgoing and elected leaders , Y , A day after the Left won a comfortable victory in the elections, took the first step towards succession on Monday, resulting in the collapse of the peso and the local stock market.

Hundreds of people waited at the entrance of the palace for the arrival of the election winner. “It feels, feels, Borick President!”.

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The president-elect approached the crowd with his hand in his heart and thanked for the support. He took a few minutes to approach the citizens while Pinora and his ministers waited inside for him.

On the inside Coin, A group of public officials waited for him with a sign: “Hope triumphs over fear. Public officials welcome you, President.

He received the warmth of several dozen citizens at the hotel where he left off Coin.

Gabriel Borick gestures with his spokesman Izkia Siches (right) and deputy Giorgio Jackson as he arrives at La Moneda Palace. (JAVIER TORRES / AFP).

35-year-old vice president and former student leader – minimum age to accept the presidency – defeated far-right on Sunday, 55.8% of the vote Jose Antonio CastThe 55-year-old lawyer received 44.1%.

55.6% of the more than 15 million voters cast their ballots in this election, a historic turnout.

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At the first reaction of his victory, much looser than expected, the markets fell into panic. The peso fell 3.02% against the dollar at the start of the day, while the Santiago stock market fell 6.8%.

The president was elected

Officials from the Chilean political and business world have been sending messages since early morning to the elected president to cooperate with his next government, which will take office on March 11, 2022.

“We congratulate Gabriel on his election as president and invite him to be a part of this historic process of writing the new constitution. (We) are ready to build bridges that will allow us to move forward in that direction.Mapuche educator Elisa Loncon, chair of the Constitutional Conference, said.

“Gabriel, he’s going to be one of the youngest presidents of recent times, and one should always know how to combine strength, idealism, a sense of youth, wisdom, and the experience of gray hair,” Pinara said on the phone. With Borick last Sunday after learning of the victory on election day.

Currency exchange boards showing the appreciation of the US dollar after the victory of Gabriel Borik.  (MAURO PIMENTEL / AFP).
Currency exchange boards showing the appreciation of the US dollar after the victory of Gabriel Borik. (MAURO PIMENTEL / AFP).

Why did Borick win?

Election victory Boric Then become a loose one Chile He returned to democracy in an election in which 8.3 million out of more than 15 million voters participated

Analysts agree that the Left’s victory was based on the high turnout in Sunday’s poll: 1.2 million more votes than the first round in which Cast won.

“There is a whole generation of people who occasionally voted or did not vote, and today they are joining the political process in Chile.

Chile election results.  (AFP).
Chile election results. (AFP).

Chilean youth, traditionally reluctant to take part in elections, went to the polls to vote in favor of the war, according to experts.

“Borick is not my candidate, but I voted, because morally I could not be the other candidate. (Hopefully) there will be more equality (with war) and there will not be so much corruption,” 35-year-old student Natalia Lopez told AFP.

Challenges for the future

Analysts confirm that Borik will play a key role in converting the new Magna Carta to a constitutional convention that he inherited from the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990).

“We will all take care of this process to meet an unbroken Magna Carta, as they imposed by blood and fire on a fraudulent referendum in 1980. It will cost us a lot to change that.”

Political map of Latin America after the election in Chile.  (AFP).
Political map of Latin America after the election in Chile. (AFP).

Boric He reiterated his campaign promises to move towards a welfare state, guaranteeing public pensions, and respect for global and quality health and education and human rights.

Claudia Hayes, an academic researcher at the University of Chile, argues that “in a government that promises change like war, the main challenge is to live up to expectations, not easy.”

Experts argue that social reforms are difficult to recognize because Congress is almost equally divided into left and right, and therefore must seek warlike alliance and consensus.

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