August 12, 2022

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Gloria Aideé Huertas Riano | The painful crime of 2 children and their police father in Bogota | Evan Fox | Description | EC Stories | the world

Bathed in blood and wrapped in a blanket, Gloria Aideé Huertas was found in the elevator of the Parques de Primavera residential complex in Puente Aranda, Pogotá, Riaño (), in the early hours of March 24, 2019.

It was a neighbor who found her and immediately alerted the security personnel who helped save her because, although weak, she was still alive.

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After taking her out on a stretcher San Jose HospitalAt that time the curious looked at Apartment 510 of Tower 5, where Gloria lived with her husband, a police patrolman. Evan Foxand their two children, ages 10 and 7. The scene is creepy.

The guards found the three bodies lifeless. There was blood on the walls and most of the objects in the house. Small bodies of children were found in one room Gloria AideéOne on top of the other in a bed.

This news shook the country’s capital. The 37-year-old nurse told officials and the media, Ivan Soro He attacked her two children with a kitchen knife and then tried to kill her.

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She promises a strong conflict because, blindsided by the death of her children, He defended himself as best he could and killed his partner in self-defense.

Gloria had multiple injuries on her body: Seven on the stomach, three on the chest, one on the neck and the others on the back and arms.

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As he recovered from his injuries on the morning of April 4, Officers arrested Gloria Peace Clinic, There she was sent to continue treatment and charged with three counts of criminal responsibility.

What happened?

According to inquiries and reports to EL TIEMPOThe events that led to the death of this man and two minors began in this part of the nation’s capital the previous night, March 23, at a bar in the Kalan neighborhood.

Jodi, same step Gloria Aideé, was at a weak point in the relationship, so they decided to move out to fix their emotional situation. But Alcohol and some confessions led the discussion to turn aggressive.

Gloria Ide repeatedly assured her that Evan had killed her children and taken her own life. (Photo: Camilo Castillo / EL TIEMPO).

At home, the two minors were asleep. After being out for three hours, the couple returned home and the argument continued. When asked by the authorities, many neighbors gave assurances A heated argument ensued and furniture was heard being dragged.

According to EL TIEMPO records several witnesses agree on something: Around 2 a.m., Gloria Ide repeatedly yelled, “For that girl, for that girl.”

In the reconstruction of events conducted by the prosecutor’s office, the couple ended the argument and Ivan went to sleep in the bed. He was heavily intoxicated and immediately fell asleep.

He was in police service for 13 years and was wearing a black shirt and underwear.

Only then Gloria took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed herself twice in the chest and six times in the back.. He died within seconds of a riot of clothing due to profuse bleeding.

But Gloria Aideé didn’t stop there. After killing her partner, the nurse went to the main room where her children slept He killed them, with the intention of “trying to simulate a defense case”, The prosecution said.

One of the accused body’s arguments was that since there were no traces of blood on the children’s soles, the man could not have killed them, a circumstance that calls into question Gloria’s version, he said. Struggle before their children die.

When he was arrested, Gloria id repeatedly assured Ivan that he had killed his children and then himself, but her version collapsed when they met. In some WhatsApp text and audio messages, Gloria told her sister that she had killed Ivan.

The messages emerged between 2:54 a.m. and 2:56 a.m., with 45 calls to a number that, according to information gathered by EL TIEMPO, belonged to Patrolman Soro’s mistress.

Why did he do that?

The 20th Criminal Court of Bogota Circuit sentenced Gloria Ide Huertas Riano 50 years in prison in August 2020 for three counts.

The judge considered that a move other than detention in a detention center would pose a danger to the community.

In that sentence, the judge said there was no discussion of four aspects of the case.

Many details of the murder remain to be clarified.  (Photo: Rodrigo Sepúlveda).
Many details of the murder remain to be clarified. (Photo: Rodrigo Sepúlveda).

First, the murders were violent and took place while the three victims were asleep; Second, there is no doubt that Gloria Aideé killed Ivan Sorrow, as she stated in some of the audios found by the prosecutor’s office.

Thirdly, there is a contradiction in the defense statements because in the first testimony, Judicial PoliceShe said Zorro stabbed her and then hurt the minors, and in another statement to the doctor who treated her at a San Jose hospital, Huertas said her husband had killed her children and that she reacted blindly to the anger.

In the family’s apartment, two knives that could have been used to kill were found. It was also established that Ivan Sorrow’s body was moved from the main room to the door.

During the investigation, residents of the apartment complex came so far as to leave a flower or light a candle in the apartment of the 510 tower, where yellow police tape allowed them.

As for the children, it was established that the eldest of them was the son of a previous relationship with the nurse, and the youngest was the son of patrolman Ivan Soro.

The Huertas Riano family provided several statements Time The question was always the same: Why? Why did Gloria kill her children?

For Belisario Valbuña, a forensic psychologist specializing in criminal behavior analysis, Gloria’s case has a specific situation that is very common in Colombian homes and in Latin America in general:Jealousy is a disorder of excessive jealousy that can become pathological.

“She was, obviously, controlling and jealous of her partner,” Valpuna points out. An interesting one that one analyzes from a criminal profile The youngest child received 11 stab wounds to the chest, the oldest received 6 wounds; This indicates that there was a very obvious and emotional violence against the minor, because of the anger to end everything related to his partner, the desire to destroy him.

According to the expert, Gloria’s statements about the attack by the patrol car were false because the forensic evidence showed that Ivan Sorrow had self-defense injuries because he was trying to save his life.

The children’s situation was different, Valpuna says, because one of them might be awake when they hit the other, but the situation creates paralysis because it feels unreal to see that it’s their own mother who is hitting them. Difficult running or screaming

“It caught my attention because he was praying to San Marcos de Leon on his Facebook a few days before the events,” Valbuña says. This is a prayer often used by people to bind the heart of a loved one. that is, She was already thinking that they were going to abandon her, and looking for a way to keep him, she found herself in crime.

Another analysis carried out from the criminal profile showed that the injuries he inflicted were caused by a simulation, which indicated that he was aware of what he had done and that is why he was looking for a way to hide it.

Among other opinions, the expert points out that even if a test is carried out to check whether the mental health of the indicated person is good, the case may be due to psychotic characteristics that are not easily distinguished, but in a situation of excessive jealousy. Can come to light and cause such tragedy.

The case is still pending

According to defense attorney Orlando González Payares, the case Gloria Aideé This is a case that is not yet fully closed.

The prosecutor points out that the witnesses were used by the prosecutor’s office They never spoke for sure because no one at home saw what happened that morning.

“It is only a coincidence that leads to possible conclusions, and not some – refers to the legal expert. She has already promised that she killed Ivan Soro, but she did not touch the children, she insists that the husband killed the children, she was filled with anger and killed him.

At this time, according to the lawyer, since they did not read the appeal of the defense, there is an extraordinary appeal for review before the Supreme Court to examine the alleged error of the court.

“The prosecutor’s office didn’t make a statement or didn’t want to examine the bodies to find out who died in the first place,” condemned Gonzalez Bayares. Despite this evidence, the Court accepts the Prosecutor’s Office’s thesis for evidence “.

Gloria Aideé’s defense is still awaiting the court’s responseMeanwhile, Gloria remains in prison serving her 50-year sentence.

Experts point out that the evidence against her is overwhelming, however, many still find it impossible for a mother to murder her own children in such a brutal manner.