December 4, 2022

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Goodbye, Boris Johnson? The balance of power of the outgoing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (who is still in office for a few months) | the world

In front of the door 10d Downing Street, the politician appeared fast, flustered and impatient to speak. Some attendees applauded him, a curious reaction considering Tuesday’s start. . Johnson said:The preference of the Conservative Parliamentary Group for a new Leader and Prime Minister is clear and I agree […] That process should start now”.

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According to the BBC, he will remain in office until the party chooses his successor, which is likely to happen . Then Johnson with Queen Elizabeth II, will hand him his resignation and he will ask a new conservative leader to form a government. In 2019, its predecessor Theresa May He was subjected to the same scrutiny, and when he left office, Johnson took over.

It was a short mandate, three years, but intense -Dice Enrique Banus, Director of the Institute of European Studies at the University of Buera-. He came in a different way, and after May, he left the same way, not because he lost the election, but because he broke the camel’s back. If the party tolerated him a lot, he contributed a lot in the elections, but his behavior was too much”.

So it’s very surprising.The Tories’ After knowing that Johnson will be in power for a long time, they are over the moon. The Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State for Northern Irelandwho was his longtime partner, “Honesty, integrity and mutual respect” not government bonds.

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Podcast From the BBC Remember that Boris Johnson became famous as a journalist and later as a Member of Parliament. And it was Mayor of London, a time when he shaped his public image. His zip-lining and dangling from a rope holding two small vines was unforgettable. United Kingdom.

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She was also at the center of controversy by divorcing and marrying her party adviser. Later, he was charged with the right hand Dominic Cummings Absent up to work. And don’t think about it ‘Party Cat’ — The corruption caused by the frustrated meetings and the whole forty il Downing Street– and inquiries into remodeling his flat with ‘Tory’ money.

Banus proposes to highlight his administration and highlights two cases in which his government developed under special circumstances. The first is ‘Brexit’.. “From their point of view, and from the point of view of those who supported the exit United Kingdom from European union, a success story. He staunchly supported it, on several occasions, choosing strong positions and threatening to violate the treaties derived from it.”.

It is also important to consider War between Russia and Ukraine, which set him apart from other European leaders. “He came across as a determined person. He seemed to be his role model Winston ChurchillDefinitely not one size fits all”.

Johnson during his resignation speech.  Reuters
Johnson during his resignation speech. Reuters / Henry Nichols

It cannot be ignored, of course Managing the Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic. Addresses the paradox of appearing to be a liberal politician and having to control citizens’ lives by decree isolations and complicates public life Unvaccinated. Amidst the controversy, he contracted the virus. On April 6, 2020, to intensive care in a London hospital.

After three years in office, Banus discredited the Conservative Party. However, in 2019, Johnson won traditional labor districts – an electoral high -,”Don’t forget that it started to cost them those votes”.

The expert is also encouraged to speak The future of Boris Johnson. “In good logic, one would think that his political career was over. As he is not of age, he should avoid retirement, so he can end up in a company or a representative position in an organization. But it is doubtful whether it will disappear from the political arena. In his case, we already know that whenever he gets knocked down, he gets back up”.