August 12, 2022

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Google Maps: Android and iOS | You can use street view to view real images from | nnni | Game-play

There are many functions offered by Google Maps to navigate somewhere. Now, with the Street View option you can move in any direction with realistic images, achieving a more pleasant experience.

Be it from your Android or iOS cell phone, you can go to any area by activating this function. Also, you can view street photos captured by it .

from DismissalWe explain in detail how you can configure this option in a few steps.

How to use Street View from Android and iOS

  • From your cell phone, open the app Google Maps.
  • Then find the place you want to visit street view.
  • Once you enter the address, click on the circle icon in the upper right corner.
  • In seconds, several options will appear and you have to choose to investigateLater on street view.
  • From this moment, you will see some blue lines in that place.
  • If you press them, the street will be displayed in 360 degrees.
  • Finally, you have to move the screen of your cell phone to see the streets with real images.

This is what the colors on Google Maps mean


Something that really stands out when you open the app Google Maps Yellow lanes. These are none the less Roads They are located in cities and can be divided into major and minor.

The former have a pale color, the latter a more intense yellow.


In the case of white, it helps to advertise Common roads Streets within a city.

White with stripes

When you see white with lots of parallel lines, it’s because there are few of them Parking lotsAirports etc.

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Dark green

Dark green means there is one A dedicated lane for pedestrians or bicycle lanes. Also, they are usually found near certain streets or parks.