February 9, 2023

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Greta Thunberg speaks: Glasgow COP26 “A failure” | Fridays for the Future | Climate change | Scotland | United Kingdom | The world

Including thousands of young people , Captured the city of Glasgow this Friday in protest against the climate of the organization Future (Friday for the Future, FFF), and on its streets they roared “Blah, blah, blah” and “against.” Empty promises ” .

Protesters – according to the FFF – 25,000 and thousands, according to police sources, cheered as brief rays of sunlight filtered through clouds covering the Scottish sky this Friday illuminated the colorful forest of cardboard banners that led the march. For owners.

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To the cry of “What do we want? Climate justice!”, Or “Climate change is the war of the rich against the poor”, Thousands of young activists expressed their outrage at what they see as the inaction of the political class.

The procession passed through the city center with heavy police security and passed without any incident. George Square, Set up a scene exposing the various tribal spokespersons and youth affected by the inequality caused by the climate crisis that they are already experiencing.

Even if you wait for many hours, Dunberg In his opinion, he came to the stage with the cheers of an angry crowd “Leaders deliberately continue to exploit nature and people”, Which “destroys present and future living conditions,” he said. Dunberg.

Swedish activist promised that “COP26 is a failure; It is clear that climate summits have become public relations events. “, Which in his opinion “only helps to perpetuate poverty and inequality”, while the elite “maintains their interests.”

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On COP26, Dunberg He stressed that “it’s very low on how many people have been there” and defined it as the “Ecoposturatas Festival” where “beautiful promises are announced”, but “behind the scenes they refuse to make any attempt at climate action.”

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Swedish climate activist Greta Dunberg took to the stage in George Square at the end of the Future Youth Rally for Friday in Glasgow. (Ben STANSALL / AFP).

Rejection of youth

“This is a very expensive country and young people do not have the money to pay for it.” Sarah Cognac, a Costa Rican climate activist and UNICEF spokeswoman at the summit, explained to Efe.

Bolivian environmental activist and UNICEF spokeswoman Adriana Salaser told Efe that she was “afraid of retaliation” and was “often afraid to say what the problem was”, but this time “the youth said: the problem is the capitalist system, who is taking our lives.”

From the podium, Uganda ‘s environmental activist for climate justice, Vanessa Nugget, told the crowd at George Square, “We face a new COP, but how many more leaders need to celebrate that their inaction is destroying it.

“Climate is changing rapidly in my country Uganda” “People are dying and children are dropping out of school; this is a catastrophe that happens every day in Africa,” he said.

“If we love the planet and the people who live on it, the result will be a sustainable, healthy, clean and beneficial planet for all,” Nagate concluded.

Greta Dunberg laments that COP26 will not lead to big changes
Greta Dunberg says COP26 will not lead to big changes

Union guests

Among the spokespersons on stage was a member of the GMB union, who represented the garbage workers currently on strike in Glasgow, who encouraged the “working class to fight for their rights” in line with “climate justice.”

“Stay by our side, not against us!”He raised a fist toward the crowd gathered in George Square.

Despite young activists openly denying what is happening in the COP26 facility, its leader, former British Minister Alok Sharma, on Friday called on world political leaders to “listen to the voices of the youth” who are coordinating the demonstration in Glasgow today and discussing the future of the fight against climate change.

In addition, Sharma praised his “passion and dedication” as he demonstrated on the streets of the Scottish city today as part of the Future Movement for Fridays launched by Tunberg.

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