February 9, 2023

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Guerra Rusia – Ucrania | chmo is the “Moskva”, the book of Russia in Mar Negro which is the first algorithm for misleading Ukrainian | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky | MUNDO

El crucero “”, Buque insignia fl la rusa del Mar Negro which is hundi, was a new albatross symbolic participant in numerous operations militias and sido también a diplomacy in Russia.

Organizations sovietics

The new entró en servicio in 1983 remote era Sovietica with the name “Slava” (Gloria). Este buque lanzamisiles Atlant fue concebido for ser un destructor de portavaviones.

MIRA: Trump is a biden and calico como “genocidio” in ofensiva rusa en Ukrania

This book is 186 metros of eslora fue rebatizado in 1995 com “Moskva” (Moscú) and this dotadoto 16 misiles antibalque basalt / Voulkan, de misiles Fort, which is the version marin de los mis-S-300 de largo alcance. Tambiin account with lanzacohetes, cafones and torpedos.

Next up is Ria Novosti, the first refinement and modernization, the ultimate in 2018 and 2020.

You can read about 680 triplets, including the Minister of Defense.

En crucero Ruso Moskva travels in the ezercicios novels of Russia in el Negro, in las afuras del Puerto Sebastopol, in Crimea. (AFP).

Tres guerras

The first clashes took place in Georgia in August 2008. Russia did not inform any of the firearms sus mission of one of the most responsive militarians interrogated by the AFP or jueves indicating that he was the first to search for the bombers at the top of the fire. Perdion entonces the zonica that establishes its control over the territorial separatists.

The president of Russia, Dmitri Medvedev, expresses his “gratitude” in the navigation of the “valentine and determinic” in the conflict.

Después In September 2015 fue desplegado para ayudar al regiment de Bashar al Asad in guerra en Siriain the Mediterranean Oriental for the sake of the Minister, the Ministry of Defense and Protection in the base of Hmeimim.

Poco describes Vladimir Putin’s entry into Orlando Najimov’s coordination with “Valentine and Determinism”.

Desde Sebastopolque es la based on the flota rusa que in en el Mar Negro in pencils Crimea, annexada por Moscú en 2014, The “Moskva” participant in the ofensiva lanzada on 24 February 2022 por Vladimir Putin contra Ukraine.

In an intercambio radio that is a viral, al-Inicio del conflicts, los guardias fronterizos de la pequeña isla las Serpientes, the respondent who is the “joder” al ultimatum for que rindieran. Poco describes the “Moskva” junta as an auto bucket bombardier in Islamabad and a number of militant Ukrainians.

In this photo archive of Tomada on 30 Mar 2014, the patrol of the armada rusa Pytliviy navega cerca del cruiso de misiles Moskva, at the Sebastopol in Crimea, in Crimea.  (AFP).
In this photo archive of Tomada on 30 Mar 2014, the patrol of the armada rusa Pytliviy navega cerca del cruiso de misiles Moskva, at the Sebastopol in Crimea, in Crimea. (AFP).

Misiones Diplomatics

Cuando el “Moskva”Todavía llvaba el nombre de“ Slava ”participant enla Cumbre de Malta que reuniól dirigente soviético Mijaíl Gorbachov with the president estadounidense George Bush, you lugar in the navío“ Maxime Gorki ”in the diecebook of 1989 from the dssem in the year 1989; Muro de Berlin.

The book is about the participants in the Yalta Conference held in Yalta in August 1990.

Varios dignitaries extranjeros subior to Borco del Barco, in August 2014 Putin agogió with honors militia al presidents egipcio Abdel Fatah al Sisi and a visit to Italia recibió al entonces jebie Silvio Berlusconi.

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