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Guillermo Permejo | Shining path | Evidence of Fermejo’s Contact with FARC and VRAEM’s Shining Path | Politics

Friday, December 29, 2006 Rojas was intercepted by police at his home in Linz. Intelligence reports made the current Peruvian Libre congressman with planned attacks, one of which was against the home of the US ambassador in Lima. The evidence could not be more credible: he was a former extremist, to whom Permejo announced his plans, ideas and asked for advice to continue his “people’s struggle”. The character, now deceased, voluntarily approached Dircode and Interpol to cooperate since 2005. He was known as Javier Antonioni, and he knew every step of Congress in its search for the militant Communist Party of the now-functioning Peruvian-Centro Luminos (MPCP-SL). Vraem and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and their unification into the Latin American Revolution.

The informant was in contact with Permejo and current members of the ruling party. Fifteen days from July 2006, the first connection was made by Chilean citizen ‘Jano’. It took a few weeks to strengthen the bond between the two and coordinate their first action: the march against the Israeli embassy in Lima.

Permejo undoubtedly told Antonione all his movements, and in turn reported the details to the police by millimeters in handwritten letters and emails. Guillermo Permejo, identified by his nickname ‘Camilo’, used the email address [email protected] to contact Antonioni.

Identity: Peru Libre seeks constitutional assembly though not possible

The plan to attack the headquarters of the US embassy in Peru came to light in September 2006 with Antonioni now a Member of Parliament. During the month of September, we go out every Wednesday at 6:00 am to coordinate the work of the future Mariadeguesta National Liberation Front and the joint activities we will undertake: Pints, Flyers, Attacks (US Embassy, ​​United Nations, Colombian Embassy) ”, documents accessed by Peru 21 Reads one.

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The police report of that year’s operation describes nine more people involved. One of them, Nancy O’Brien, a former legislator, was interrogated and arrested in connection with drug trafficking. During the intervention, a bag of urea, pyrotechnic devices, camouflage web and radio transmitter were seized.

Reports by Agent Antonioni.
Reports by Agent Antonioni.
Reports by Agent Antonioni.

According to the report, Permejo was ready with the FARC to deal with the explosives “for the future crime of terrorist attacks”.

With FARC and SL

“Meeting with Colombia Guillermo in 2006” was the title of a report by Javier Antonioni in which he described Guillermo Permejo’s approach, who was already known by the FARC through his All Voices movement. In February of that year, the Immigration Movement confirmed that the now-defunct Member of Parliament had fled the country by land across the Ecuadorian border.

According to the informant, Permejo attended “political-military” training sessions with other Peruvians: terrorist Rogue Gonzalez La Rosa from the MRTA and Gustavo Porta from MIR-Dignidad, who operated in the country.

Gonzalez, convicted of kidnapping and extorting money from Bolivian businessman Samuel Doria Medina in 1995, headed the Cordinadora Continental Bolivariana-Peru chapter (CCP).

The CCP is a left-wing organization that has a presence in various Latin American countries, representing former presidents Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Fidel Castro (Cuba).

At the above meeting, the Peruvian delegation was led by a FARC member identified as ‘Joshua’. “All of them were taught to develop R1 ammunition and guerrilla tactics, as well as contacts and logistics support exchange in each country,” the agent told police.

Antonioni is the agent next to Vladimir Seron, the owner of Peru Liber.
Antonioni is the agent next to Vladimir Seron, the owner of Peru Liber.

Permejo tried to comply with orders from the CCP. In chats exchanged on October 9, 2006, the current legislator of Peru Liber told Antonio that he was traveling to Bolivia at the invitation of the National Council of Aborigines (CONAID).

At that appointment, according to the agent’s statements, he met Bermejo’s long-used ‘Say’, who met with Savista spokesman and ideologue Fernando Posey (see box). The plan was to bring all the armed radical forces under one front, one of which was the MPCP-SL, i.e. the terrorists now in Vraem.

According to Anthony, now the Congressman has forged more ties. One of them was Vladimir Seron, who was also able to infiltrate Antonioni. In Bolivia, Permejo met the right-hand man of the late guerrilla Felipe Quispe, known as Marmu.

In a chat on August 4, 2008, Permejo commented enthusiastically that they were waiting for Mallu to come to “political work” in Ayakucho. Permejo warned of the presence of North American troops, but warned that referring to the “Kumbas” and Vram senders would “make them run away”.

Guillermo Permejo’s work is secret. He sought to link left-wing extremists inside and outside the country to impose the CCP-generating revolution in Peru.

According to eyewitnesses at the trial, this led him to meet the Quizze Palomino brothers. Evidence proving Permejo’s connection with armed extremism was filed by BNP Colonel Max Anhuaman, who developed the source Javier Antonioni.

Permejo is currently facing terrorism charges and Colonel Anhuan has testified extensively.

Fernando Posey and Say’s ‘Rebel Radio’

Fernando Raman Bosi Rojas poses himself as a Venezuelan nationalized Argentine historian who, at one point, was the founding secretary of the Bolivarian People’s Congress (CBP).

This character is an old acquaintance of the Peruvian intelligence agencies. Posey is none other than Savismo’s agent, and since 2006 he has sought to destabilize democratic regimes and mobilize radical leftists to establish 21st century socialism. An investigative source said that “all ideas about infiltration through companies, summits, meetings, coordinators and movements in Peru and Bolivia were developed by Posi in collaboration with Savismo.”

The operator has been directly involved in the political campaigns of Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael in Ecuador. Peru, until July 28, was still pending.

Identity: According to one witness, Guillermo Permejo has ties to FARC

Guillermo Permejo traveled to Bolivia in October 2006 to meet Posey. The nickname ‘Say’ introduced itself as a member of the CBP, Peru chapter.

Drop radius

Now Congressman Mizian shared with Milan the plan to successfully implement Milacro (see box) and also raised the ‘Rebel Radio’ project. Agent Antonioni told police that Fernando Posey was “delighted with the plan” to be kept secret. In addition, he promised to inform Hugo Chavez of the effort.

But the ‘Radio Rebel’ radio adventure did not last long. In November 2006, in the district of San Juan de Lurianzo, Trcode intervened in the building where it operates and captured the secret station. Permejo had to admit that another similar tool was sold to a cocoa growers’ company and the other three were in production.

Posey made it clear to all radical leftists that only the so-called “people” could bring about structural change in countries. These organizations must promote mobilization, create chaos and disrupt democratic order. The so-called “people’s organizations” will be used to promote a referendum that will allow Peru to change its constitution.

Miracle work

The Bolivarian movement seeks to create gaps and open spaces for the spread of its socialist policies. One of the plans to achieve their goal was the ‘miracle mission’ undertaken in Peru – for the extremists – with relative success.

The project is summed up in the task of attracting people from different parts of the interior of the country, with medical or economic needs so that they can be solved in countries like Venezuela and Cuba.

‘Miracle Mission’ provides medical assistance, support for small businesses and Savista scholarships for politicians and local officials. In return, beneficiaries had to pay homage to extreme left-wing leaders.

In October 2006, during a meeting between Fernando Posey and Guillermo Permejo, he proposed the idea that ‘miracle work’ should be carried out by cocoa growers and farmers. (Leaders of Cocoa Farmers from Tokashe).

The so-called humanitarian mission sought to lead the Peruvian people on the path of socialism from that year onwards. Now, 14 years later, you see the results.

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