November 27, 2022

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Gustavo Pedro cannot draw the sword of Simon Bolivar during his inauguration in Colombia | Evan Duke | Marquess of France | Left | the world

The sword of liberator Simón Bolívar, which the M-19 guerrillas stole as their first symbolic act and handed over when they mobilized, will not be present at the inauguration of Colombia’s president-elect. Due to “lack of interest” and outgoing President Evan Duke’s desire.

We are surprised by the capricious attitude and unwillingness of the President Duke, who refuses to give Bolívar his sword. With the formal act of change of command by President-elect Gustavo Petro”, Marisol Rojas, the communication coordinator of the action, told Efe.

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The sword BolivarWho Stole Guerrilla? Petro Incorporated in his youth, one of the big symbols the new president had during his tenure, as well as the “dove of peace” created by Fernando Botero after the signing of the peace agreement with the FARC. Count one.

The official explained that these two symbols should be present in the ceremony “All the necessary procedures were carried out and discussed with the Ministry of Culture, the National Museum and the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.”

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The Duque’s government requested policies, which were passed, but “late yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, President Duque ordered that Bolivar’s sword should not come out.”

A supporter of Colombia’s President-elect Gustavo Pedro celebrates before his inauguration at Plaza de Bolivar in Bogotá on August 7, 2022. (Raul Arboleda/AFP)

“It’s a wish, not a will, he doesn’t want to give up the sword”, Rojas insisted, “They are also preventing Maestro Fernando Botero’s ‘Paloma de la Paz’ from entering the Casa de Narino.”

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“Dove of Peace” is a 70-centimeter-tall sculpture made of bronze and painted white. It remained in the Casa de Narino for two years, and in 2018 it was transferred to the National Museum, where it can be seen today.

Symbolic agency

The initial idea was that Bolivar’s sword, guarded by a special team, would accompany the president-elect’s journey through some of Bogotá’s streets and then take a special place on the stage where the investiture would take place.

The historical relic was stolen from the Quinta de Bolivar Museum in 1974.In the heart of Bogotá, the April 19 Movement (M-19), a guerrilla group that the president-elect was part of in his youth, was later turned away.

For its part, the Communist Party, a former guerrilla group of which FARC After signing a peace accord with the Colombian government in 2016, he asserted on social networks that not lending the symbols revealed what an “unpatriotic and warmongering” government Duque was.

The duke ends his presidency by refusing to hand over Bolívar’s sword and dove of peace. For the next government to take office. Very telling (sic) how unpatriotic and warmongering his government was”. He wrote about the match on Twitter.

Commenting on the possible meaning of this historical object in his possession, Pedro said a few days ago that the relic gives meaning to the people: “An unfrozen sword, not as a symbol of war, but as its owner said when he unsheathed it. , it should be sealed only when there is justice in Colombia.

The sword is in the power of the state For some time now, in fact, he was present at the Casa de Narino (seat of government) during last month’s joint meeting between the Duke and Pedro.

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