December 4, 2022

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Gypsy Rose | From Cancer Patient to Killer: The Gentle Woman Who Killed Her Mother in America | Dee Dee Blanchard | Nicholas Godejohn | Description | EC Stories | the world

“That puppy is dead.” That’s what a post from Dee Dee Blanchard’s Facebook account in the early hours of June 14, 2015 alerted her followers. No one suspected that Gypsy Rose, the author of the publication and the author of the murder, was her daughter, whom everyone saw in a wheelchair, dressed as a princess and suffering from cancer.

When the police entered Pink’s house – a basement was a gift because of the situation Gypsy– Found a Dee Dee Lying lifeless on the bed, with more than 15 stab wounds on his back.

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I punched that fat pig and raped her sweet innocent daughter. His scream was very loud. LOL”. This is the second post on the social network, and the police are more concerned than the murder: Gypsy Rose isn’t home, there’s no sign of her presence.

A suffering person Leukemia, Must use a wheelchairAlthough the mental capacity of a seven-year-old girl is – 24 A feeding tube was required She is lost, possibly in the hands of a murderer and abuser.

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At that time, the authorities started searching Gypsy Rose. However, the posts on Facebook became the way to find the killer, as the location was discovered.

Instead of finding a man holding a young woman hostage, the police got a surprise. They find Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend Nicholas Godejan at a motel. girl He was able to walk and communicate properly and appeared to be in excellent health.

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After catching them Doctors who examined Gypsy Rose declared that she was cancer-free, had no major problems with her legs, and did not need a feeding tube.

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It was pointed out in the investigation Gypsy Ross and Nicholas Godejohn are the main suspects in Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder. Both eventually confessed to the murder.

Gypsy Rose, Victim or Victim?

when Gypsy Born in 1991 was a perfectly healthy girl. However Her mother, Dee Dee, believed her daughter was very ill. Shortly after her birth, she separated from her father. Gypsy, for which he became the main person responsible for the minor. That’s when his suffering began.

Based on the results of the concerned doctors, Dee Dee suffered from a condition known as Munchausen syndrome by proxyIn this, according to the specialized portal MedlinePlus, a caregiver of a minor “Finding false symptoms or faking real symptoms can make the child appear sick..

In this sense, woman He suffered from his mother’s condition. When she was a boy, she took the boy to the emergency room claiming he was having seizures and was told she had leukemia, among hundreds of other conditions, and that she couldn’t walk.

Obviously, Dee Dee shaves off Gypsy’s hair to make him look like he’s undergoing cancer treatment. He reassured her that her legs weren’t working and managed to get a doctor to install a tube to feed her.

When doctors began asking questions about Gypsy and her alleged ailments, Dee Dee changed specialists and clinics.. In addition, he did not allow the minor to attend school or socialize with people her own age.

The minor was entirely under the care of her mother as her father no longer resided with them. (Photo: HBO).

Throughout her childhood, Minor took medication for her heart, seizures, stomach problems, and blood circulation, and even had surgery on her eyes because Dee Dee said she couldn’t see well. anyway, The boy’s ailments did not go away.

truly, Gypsy was a beneficiary of charities like ‘Make a Wish’, which grants wishes to terminally ill minors.

He visited Orlando’s parks. AmericaAnd even received a Pink house Fully adapted for wheelchair access in Missouri. He lived there with his mother until the day of the murder.

As Gypsy told ’20/20′, As a teenager, she began to suspect that her mother was exaggerating her healthBut he felt so dependent on her that he dared not question her.

There are some diseases that I know I don’t have. I knew I didn’t need a tube, could eat and walk, but when my mom told me I had leukemia, I believed it.”, he commented.

A love affair that ended in murder

The only contact he had at the end Gypsy Out was through the internet. Although Dee Dee controls access to his computer, Gypsy learned the password to enter at night while her mother slept. He joins a Christian side to find a partner.

At that time it was already 2012 and Gypsy was 21 years old, even though her age was something that Dee Dee manipulated, she assured him that she was younger.

It was there that he met Nicolas Godejan And he did a great job of having a sign outside the pizzeria.”

Although conversations between the two were initially innocent, they soon turned sexual, and included photos of Gypsy as “Ruby”, who was said to be on her “bad side”.

perhaps, The two fell in love so much that they decided to hide from their mother and meet in person.

Once in 2015, a mother and daughter went to a movie on the pretext of going to the bathroom. Gypsy met CodejanWhom he had sent money to travel to Missouri.

Both testified at the time that, on their first date, they had sex in the cinema’s men’s bathroom. Because of this, The couple began to formulate what was a plan to assassinate Dee DeeWell, as Godejan testified, it was the only way they could be together.

June 14, 2015

Kodjan insists Gypsy masterminded his mother’s murder, while he “did as he was told.”

however, Gypsy In an interview with ’20/20′ he commented, “There’s a big difference between someone who asks another person to kill someone and someone who actually does it. (…) I would never kill anyone. I could never physically do it.”

That night apparently Gypsy lets him into her home and gives him the tools to commit the crime.. Godejon says Gypsy locked the woman in the bathroom while she was picking up her daughter and then they had sex.

In an interview with ABC media, Gypsy, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is serving a 10-year sentence, said she wanted to go out and help her mother when she heard her calling in desperation, but “she was scared.”

Godejan, on the other hand, received a life sentence for first-degree murder.