March 29, 2023

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Haiti: First lady Martin Moss’ first message posted on Twitter after the assassination of President Joanel Moss | The world

“I’m alive. Thank God, I’m alive, but I lost my husband.”

An audio posted on his Twitter account this Saturday began after he greeted his comrades Martin Moss, Wife of the President , , Killed by mercenaries on Wednesday.

View: Haiti: 26 Colombians and two Americans behind the assassination of President Joanel Moyes

The BBC could not verify Mundo’s independent, but confirmed the credibility of the Haitian government to members of the AFP, EFE and Reuters agencies and the local media, the first public account of a witness to these events.

“In the blink of an eye, mercenaries entered my house and wiped my husband with bullets.”Says the voice.

“This act has no name, because you have to be a criminal without limits to assassinate a president like Jovanel Moss, without giving him a chance to say a word,” he said. Adds.

Martin Moss was seriously injured in the attack And was taken to a Miami hospital. In recent days it has been reported as “serious, but constant”.

It is not clear under what circumstances he would have recorded the audio.

“They sent mercenaries to kill the president and his family with his family” because “there will be no change in the country” because, in his opinion, the president “worked to provide roads, water and electricity, the referendum and the elections scheduled for the end of the year”.

President Moss has faced numerous protests in his government since receiving allegations of corruption, and has taken “dictatorial” positions during the ruling regime, questioning opposition parties for proposing a postponement of elections and a constitutional referendum.

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In February of this year, the day the opposition called for him to step down, Moss said his attempt to assassinate him and overthrow the government had been thwarted.

“The mercenaries who killed the president are in prison, there are other mercenaries who want to assassinate the president’s dream, who want to assassinate the president’s vision, who want to assassinate the president’s ideas for the country,” he says.

On Thursday and Friday, 20 men were arrested, 18 of whom were Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent, Haitian National Police said.

Three more Colombians were killed in the fighting during the search operation, and five more are in large numbers.


It is not yet clear who organized Wednesday’s attack or what the motive was.

Many questions remain unanswered, including how the alleged killers were able to enter the property. Moss’ bodyguards will be questioned next week.


Meanwhile, uncertainty is growing over who should take control of the country.

Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph announced that he had accepted orders from the police and the military, but appointed a new prime minister a day before Mosul’s death, promising that he would take charge.

This Friday, a third of the Haitian Senate (after the National Assembly was adjourned after the 2019 elections) appointed its boss, Joseph Lambert, as president.

The interim government of the Caribbean nation, for its part, took the extraordinary step of demanding that the United States and the United Nations send troops to protect the country’s infrastructure.

Haitian Election Minister Matthias Pierre said the decision was based on fears that “fleeing mercenaries” could attack key locations such as ports, airports or gas stations to sow chaos in the country.

The US State Department and the Pentagon confirmed the request, but did not specify whether they were considering sending troops.

Colombia’s Ministry of Defense, for its part, will, at the request of the President, travel to Haiti with senior officials, including the head of the National Intelligence Office, the head of the Police Intelligence Office and an agent from the local Interpol office.

Earlier, Colombia confirmed that 17 former members of its armed forces were among those captured by Haitian police.


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