March 25, 2023

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Haiti: Violent episodes before the assassination of President Jovnell Moyes

The assassination of the president this Wednesday Haiti, Joanel Moyes, The country has been embroiled in a severe security crisis and political conflict in recent years.

The massacre follows a series of killings and a confrontation that has resulted in thousands of displaced people since last June.

The Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research (CARDH) reports that more than 150 people were killed and 200 were abducted between June 1 and 30 in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince.

Joanel Moyes Killed by armed men Martin Moyes, the man who attacked his home in the vicinity of Port-au-Prince Belar, was shot dead at dawn.

These are the latest episodes of violence experienced in this country, one of the poorest countries in the United States:

– June 30, 2021: A group of Haitian police officers kill at least 15 civilians – The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDTH) raises the number to 20 – Geoffrey in retaliation for the murder of police union spokesman Gurby.

Among those killed were journalist Diego Charles and activist Mary Antoinette Dougler, who the Haitian government considers a “terrorist act.”

Unidentified persons traveling on a motorcycle towards Charles and Douglaire as he leaves his home for a journalist who worked for Radio Vision 2000 and was a contributor to various media outlets.

– June 26, 2021: Armed attack on the Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) emergency hospital in Martisand, at the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince. These facilities are located in the war zone between the Grand Rhine and De Boyce armed groups, which compete for control. The charity decides to close its hospital temporarily on June 28.

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– June 14, 2021: United Nations Office Haiti The intensification of armed gang violence against civilians in the country confirms that it has a “deep concern” and calls for an end to the occupation. On the same day, an armed mob attacked a car dealer on the Dozent Louvre Boulevard on its way to Port-au-Prince Airport.

– May 4, 2021: The Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research (CARDH) reports that kidnappings in Haiti have increased by more than 300% in April, compared to March 27, when at least 91 cases were registered.

– August 29, 2020: President of the Bar Association Haiti, High Montperior Dorwall, 64, in front of his home in the capital Belarus, not far from the Haitian president’s residence. The crime has sparked various protests, with anti-government slogans accusing them of promoting punishment in the country.

– February 2019: Citizens Haiti They are demanding the resignation of the president on the second anniversary of his coming to power. The incidents continued for 10 days, with 26 to 40 people killed in the clashes, according to various organizations.

– July 2018: Violent protests as a result of the announcement that fuel prices will rise by 40 to 50%. The government backed down, but the crisis forced Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontaine to resign on July 14.

– November 2018: Violent protests with many deaths, from the 18th to the 24th of that month, in which the resignation of the President was demanded Joanel Moyes.

– November 27, 2016: Yvonne Neptune, 70, former Prime Minister of Haiti, is wounded in a shooting in Arcadia, north of the country’s capital. He was shot and killed by unknown individuals inside his vehicle.

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(With information from EFE)

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