December 4, 2022

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He is 6 years old, the person with the shortest name in Colombia EC Stories | | The world

6 Martinez Medina was one of the first Take the maternal surname for the first 20 years, but when he was born he was recorded with the shortest and only name in the world without a letter.

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His father, Rafael Medina, is a poet and journalist in the municipality of Santa Ana, south of the Magdalena Department, who decided to call him to mark his sixth child.

Friends, neighbors and even the registrar They wanted to convince him To change his mind, because it was a punishment for the child, but Medina once decided; There is no retreating.

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She wanted to call him, and then change it when he was older; I have no problem with that”, The father revealed.

His wife Emilis Martinez Agreed to both with the name 6 He originally had his last name.

6 and the sequence of family names of Meridiana promises to keep them even with their future children. (Photo: 6 Martinez Medina Family Album / El Timbo de Colombia, GDA)

In fact, before the father could think of his newborn baby as 6, he wanted to name it Osama Osama bin Laden, In September 2001 when he was a few months old – the Al Qaeda terrorist who shot down the Twin Towers in the United States.

But in that proposal he did not have the consent of his mother and agreed to call him 6 without a middle name to avoid confusion with him.

If we put another number [al lado]For example three, they would not call it six, but sixty-three and the reason for being would be lost“, Says Rafa Madina.

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A star in his hometown

6 Although his name has led to some jokes and ridicule from school students and neighbors, He is happy because he has no name and his name made everyone in town recognize him.

In the city they call him ‘3×2’ or ‘half a dozen’ and he always responds with a smile because it’s not something that affects him.

At no time did he intend to change his name, although it is clear that his son would not be registered with a similar name.

I like my name because it is unique and it is the shortest in the world”, 6 says, who believes If it had been called differently, it would not have been so popular South of Magdalena.

The 19-year-old has a passion for technology and graphic design, but since he never had the opportunity to start his university studies, he is currently dedicated to helping and managing the controls of his father-owned Meridiana stereo station.

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