March 25, 2023

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He is a 22-year-old dentist: the story of a plane crash in Kabul where he wanted to flee to Afghanistan

Fita Mohammed He is a 22-year-old dentist. On the second day of his visit he left his house Taliban EFE reports that his relatives believed he had just arrived in Kabul in the morning at a private hospital in Pacman where he worked.

According to his father, Payanda Mohammad, He and his family tried to communicate for several hours, however Fida – the first child to graduate recently – could not answer them.

“The phone rang at 1.30pm,” Bajwa recalled his father in conversation with Afghan news. “Someone told me he fell off the plane and that number was in the man’s pocket.”

He took the address and went in search of his son’s body. He was one of the people who got stuck on a military plane United States The Taliban must leave the country after the return of the regime.

On Monday, August 16, the airport Accept It was a scene of wonderful images that went down to the descendants and symbolized the failure it represented EE UU After 20 years of war, the Taliban have returned to power.

Fida was buried on and around the edge of the mountains in the district the same night Accept, Where it first came from. According to his father, he has been married for almost a year: “Because he spent a lot of money on his marriage and borrowed money, he was always worried about debt and looking for ways to go abroad,” she said.

So far, local media have reported that at least three people have fallen off the plane and others are hanging at the time of departure. Fida and another Afghan remains have been identified, according to reporter Vijayta Lalwani Shafiullah Hotak |Hamid Karzai fell at the home of Wali Salek, a resident of Khair Khana, 8 kilometers from the international airport.

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The two were identified by birth certificates, which were found on their clothes and then transferred to a mosque 300 meters from Salek’s home.

Fida Mohammed’s father has called on the international press to bring their voice to justice for the media.

For its part, the Air Force United States The country has launched an investigation into civilian deaths related to the departure of the C-17 aircraft Kabul AirportIncluding some reports of people falling down from the plane and human remains being found in the plane’s landing gear.

According to the Washington Post, the investigation is expected to be conducted by the Air Force’s Special Investigation Office (OSI) and include interviews and videos of the plane that took off from the airport in the Afghan capital. Viral on social media.

How did the tragedy happen in Kabul?

F.F. The AA aircraft briefly landed on the same runway Kabul Airport Available to provide equipment and support evacuation.

Before the crew unloads the equipment, “Hundreds of Afghan civilians surround the plane around the airport”, Includes Armed Forces report and quoted by local American media. As the security situation worsened, the C-17 crew decided to leave the airport openly without evacuating anyone.

Human remains were found after the plane landed at Al Udeid Air Force Base in Qatar. Behind Capture of Kabul By the Taliban, thousands of Afghans were trying to flee the country to the capital’s airport All commercial flights were canceled.

The Afghanistan achieved Entering the runway, some of them recorded pictures of dozens of people trying to board a US plane as it took off.

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In those videos, which were widely circulated on social networks, it was already known how at least two bodies fell from the device while in the air.

With information from AFP and EFE.