February 9, 2023

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Here are 10 businesses that offer low stress and good pay Work | Pay | Economy

Although there are many factors that we analyze when choosing Most of the time we think about how the salary will be, but we do not take into account how much stress it creates, have you thought about that?

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The specialized portal Business Insider, based on data from the United States Department of Labor, has released a list that balances both pay and stress factors.

Stress indicator from 0 to 100, of which 0 is the lowest stress level, 100 is the first; Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Professional Employment Statistics) Occupational employment statistics, collecting jobs with the highest pay.

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What are the best paid jobs that cause less stress?

According to Business Insider, the best-paying jobs are here, with information provided by the Office of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor:

10. Materials Scientist

Annual Salary: US $ 99,600

This is one of the most unknown sciences. These scientists are dedicated to studying the structural and chemical properties of materials. Stress level 62 is one of the lowest you can find on the list.

9. Earth Science

Annual Salary: US $ 106,471

Geologists study the composition, structure, and other phenomena of the earth. It works in 68 stress.

8. Mathematics

Annual Salary: US $ 106,471

Under pressure from the U.S. Department of Labor, mathematicians and mathematicians will top the list. This is a low stress industry: its stress level is 57.

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Mathematics pays well and produces less stress (Photo: Freibick)

7. Art Director

Annual Salary: US $ 108,736

Responsible for designing and animating venues for art movement, films, series, commercials, reports, etc. … Although working for entertainment, the most compelling work on the list: Indicator 69.

6. Chemical Engineer

Annual Salary: US $ 108,736

According to Business Insider, Chemical Engineering is dedicated to designing and overseeing chemical equipment and processes for all products. 61 Depression.

5. Economist

Annual Salary: US $ 114,399

Economics professors earn more than economists and record a point less stress of 64 to 63. Generally speaking, we talk about a lot more discipline than a lot of plans and enviable salaries.

The economy is one of the highest paid industries (photo: fertile land)
The economy is one of the highest paid industries (photo: fertile land)

4. Political scientist

Annual Salary: US $ 117,795

In this era of ideological polarization and cultural wars, these scientists are studying the origins and mechanisms by which political systems operate. Level 61.

3. Hardware Engineer

Annual Salary: US $ 120,061

Technology-related jobs will undoubtedly continue to be highly paid and in demand. There are 67 pressure gauges for electronics engineers.

2. Computer Research Scientist

Annual Salary: US $ 124,593

Computer research scientists have low-paying (66) and well-paid jobs. They explore the basics for solving problems between hardware and software.

1. Physical

Annual Salary: US $ 131,386

Number 1 of the highest paid jobs and more than acceptable stress, 62, is physical and physical. It is about exploring the laws and phenomena of physics based on experiments and observations.