February 2, 2023

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Highland Park Shooting | Illinois: Robert Grimmo disguised himself as a woman and planned the attack for weeks | USA | Chicago | USA | USA | USA | the world

Monday’s shooting in Highland Park (Illinois) arrested. ) that left six people dead and 30 injured, authorities said Tuesday that the woman had planned the attack for weeks and disguised herself to avoid suspicion.

Lake County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Chief, Christopher Coveleymentioned that Grimmow is 21 years old, not 22 as indicated earlier in the dayAnd their motivations are currently unknown.

Meera: Clear messages on the networks showed the violent attitude of the teacher who opened fire at the march in the United States.

“We believe he planned this attack for weeks. He took a high-powered rifle to the parade, approached a shop roof via a fire escape and began firing on unsuspecting bystanders. for the Independence Day celebrations,” Coveli told a press conference.

The suspect, who acted alone, disguised himself as a woman to hide his facial tattoos and identity.

Meera: Police arrest Robert Grimmow, who opened fire at a 4th of July parade in the United States | Video

Authorities have interviewed witnesses and survivors of the incident

Covelli explained the alleged attack, who They fired 70 times on the crowdHe had bought the gun “legally”. Illinois.

behind Shooting, crime Leaving the roof he burned, He threw down his gun and mingled with the crowd like just another marcherto go home to his mother who lives in the area.

There you areHe took his mother’s vehicle to escape but was intercepted as he tried to flee. Inside the car, police found a second gun.

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A month ago, 19 children and 2 teachers were shot and killed by an 18-year-old man who walked into an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, armed with a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle.

After that attack and another in Buffalo, New York, with 10 deaths, the nation’s Congress approved increased gun control in June with minimal agreement between Democrats and Republicans.