June 3, 2023

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Highland Park Shooting | July 4 | Illinois: At least 6 killed and 19 injured in US Independence Day parade | Moment of attack | Video | the world

At least six people died and 24 were taken to hospital A suburb of Chicago (And officers are searching for a suspect, police said Monday.

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The Chicago Sun Times reported The march started around 10 am but was abruptly called off after 10 minutes Because the shots were heard. A Sun-Times reporter saw three bloodied bodies with blankets draped over them.

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Hundreds of marchers, some bloodied, fled the scene leaving behind chairs, strollers and blankets.

The police told the people: “Everyone please disperse. It’s not safe to be here.

Chairs are dropped after people ran after a shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, U.S., on July 4, 2022. (Photo: AP).

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Police Highland Park He said in a statement issued on Monday afternoon 6 people died and dozens were taken to hospital.

Police said officers are still searching for the suspect.

A video shot by a Sun Times reporter after the footage rang out It shows the band on a float playing continuously as people run by, screams. A photo posted on social media appeared to show pools of blood next to overturned chairs downtown Highland Park.

Gina Troiani and her son lined up in a kindergarten class ready to walk down the parade route. I heard a loud noise, thinking it was a firecracker. Until he heard people yelling about the shooter.

“We started running in opposite directions”Dijo and The Associated Press.

Her 5-year-old son rode a bicycle decorated with curly red and blue ribbons. He and the other kids in the group held small American flags. The city said on its website Festivities include a children’s bike and pet parade.

Troiani said he dropped his son’s bike and ran through the neighborhood to get back to his car.

In a video recorded by Troyani on his phone, Some children are startled by loud noises Pull over to the side of the road as a siren blares nearby.

“Those who left their families, were looking for them. Others dropped their cars, grabbed their children and started running,” he said.

Blood flows at the scene of a shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.  (AP via Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times)
Blood flows at the scene of a shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. (AP via Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times)

Illinois Governor JP Pritzker said in a tweet that he is “monitoring the situation closely. Highland Park” and that the state police Illinois He helps.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter that it was assisting the Lake County Police. Highland Park “There was firing along the route Independence Day Parade”.

Debbie Glickman, resident Highland ParkHe said he was on a parade float with his colleagues and the group was preparing to return to the main route when they saw people running from the area.

Several people were killed in a shooting at a 4th of July parade near Chicago
Several people were killed and about 20 injured near Chicago on Monday when a man opened fire during a US Independence Day parade.

People started saying, “There’s a shooter, there’s a shooter, there’s a shooter.” Glickman told The Associated Press. “So we ran. We just ran. It’s like a huge mess out there.”

He heard no noise or saw anyone injured.

“I’m so scared”, said. “So sad”.

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