June 3, 2023

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Hisminsa Vaccine Card: How to obtain and download the Minza document certifying immunity against Govt-19? Ministry of Health nndc | Lime

As of November 15, the government has ordered that people between the ages of 45 and over can only board intercity buses if they have two doses. (COVID-19).

As a rule, the action applies to all zones located at four warning levels (moderate, high, very high and extreme); In addition, it helps promote the vaccine against the corona virus (COVID-19), Health Minister Hernando Sevalos pointed out.

Said the officer Many have to travel long distances Inside a bus and on purpose is that when they eventually become infected, they do not develop complications of the disease.

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In this context, the question arises as to how a citizen can prove the dosage of the drug he or she owns Covit-19 vaccine. One way, with the vaccination card, is the same stamp that is delivered when the person receives the first dose, the date of establishment and both vaccines, as well as the name of the vaccine.

If the citizen does not have vaccinated meat, due to loss theft, he can download that document at l, Responsible Ministry of HealthFor this you need to fill in the continuous data.

If the citizen does not have vaccinated meat, he can download the document stated on the Hisminsa page in charge of the Ministry of Health, for which he must fill in the continuous data.

In Hisminsa page You must first select the type of identity document (DNI, Immigration Card, Passport, Foreign Identity Document or Temporary Residence Permit). After that, you have to enter the number of the selected document.

Then it will be necessary Enter date of birth (day, month and year) And the date the identity document was issued. This last information is for DNI users only.

It will appear in it immediately Hisminsa page Date and place of vaccination of the person, as well as the type of vaccine received, vaccine manufacturer and lot number.

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