February 9, 2023

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Home for Azul, Why there are no 11 chapters in Turkey Gokuluk | Peren Cochildis | Fame

What happened “Originally titled “cuocukluk”, the Turkish soap opera Fox was Turkey’s biggest challenge for 2020, beginning with Peran Kokioldos, a child actress who won public affection for her work on “Anne”. “) And” My Daughter “(” However, the new production aired with 11 episodes.

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One of the first setbacks of the new It was due to the name. It came up with three titles in its original broadcast, which caused confusion And it does not allow for better faith.

This is the first call “orphanage“(“orphanage“), Then”None of you“(“None of you”), Which led to a series of complaints from parents about negative meanings that could affect minors.

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Finally, the Appeared under the name “Childhood “(” Infancia “), But damage occurred. What is “a house for Azul” about? The story focuses on the vision of four orphaned women but in particular Blue, The character of Beran who is alone after his mother is imprisoned.

The novel, also known as “Infancia”, was screened in Turkey in 2020 (photo: MF Yabim)

Why was “a house for blue” removed from the air?

Turkish soap opera “A house for Azul“New TV betting Fox Turkey It appeared in 2020. However, the story played out Bears cochlear Turned out to be the biggest failure 11 chapters, Leave the TV grill.

According to the international media, the main reason “Childhood“Taken from the air, above all, was the cause Small audience The unconvincing script and the three-times-changed soap opera were created by the names and were never recognized by the audience.

So, in the face of a story that never leaves, and to the audience that abandons it, Fox Turkey would have decided to remove it Immediately from the small screen to find another project that meets the expectations of the audience.

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Where can I see the “house for blue”?

“Home for the Blue” After the premiere in Turkey, there is no big spread internationally, but it has reached the telemundo signal, which sends every Sunday 7:00 p.m.. In addition, episodes of Turkish soap opera Bears cochlear It is available on the Telemundo website and in its application.

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Who are the actors and characters of “House for Blue”?

  • Erdal Pescioslu (Mahir Postep)
  • Peren Coccioldus (blue)
  • Burke Isberg (Ezekiel)
  • Gorchem Mad Demir (Ali Khan)
  • Cobra Suskan (Mosi)
  • Nile Yerl (Bambi)
  • Derinz Aquis (Jainep)
  • Yikit Aras Aksoy (Dodo)
  • Seylan Osterk (Cule)
  • Tamla Cersichoklu (Betul)
  • Silk flower (grandmother)
  • Visit to Badhuhan (Ghost)
  • Derya Artemel (Demet Aras)
  • Xa Cotton (AD)
  • Musa Cotton (guard)
  • Nihan Aibolt (Tulip)
  • Ali Emra Surdal (Hakan)

Bears Gokildis and Instagram photos

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