February 2, 2023

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How can I verify a person’s identity with a DNI number in Renig? | Reneek | RUIPN | Identity Registration Verification | Voter list nnda-nnlt | Peru

How many times have you needed to confirm a person’s identity for a number of reasons , Business or study, and you can not do it thinking that the information is accessible only to some officials?

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If your answer is positive, you need to know that you can do it for free and immediately. How? Approaches Unique registration to identify natural persons (RUIPN) Has been driving it for some time National Register of Identity and Civil Status ().

To do this, you only need the Identity Document Number (DNI) of the person you want to verify your identity with.

With this information in hand, you need to access the next step . There you have to enter the DNI number you want to consult and after selecting the option ‘I am not a robot’ and clicking on the orange button ‘Consult’, the complete data (names and surnames) and verification number will appear.

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Admission to RUIPN and consultation is free. You only have access to the Internet (Image: Renick)

What is Roop?

Unique registration to identify natural persons (RUIPN) An online service run by Reneek to verify identity records. All older and younger adults with ID cards are registered there.

The Permanently refines RENIEC RUIPN, Revoking the registration of deceased persons and restricting those who have been imprisoned for more than four years or who are disabled in exercising their citizenship rights.

In addition, it updates changes in identities such as a person’s name, surnames, gender, signature and photo; Disability status, change of marital status (based on judicial, notary or administrative decisions recorded in the birth, marriage or death registration certificate) and adjustment of address at the request of the person (upon submission of support).

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Ruben and the electoral character

Considering that the voter list is the relationship of the voting citizens, Its expansion Reneck is responsible for every election process. Is carried out based on the information contained in the RUIPN.

The voter list includes name and surname, identification number, digitized photograph and signature, district, province and department (ubigeo), voting committee and voluntary declaration of any disabled person on the register.

Based on RUIPN, Reneek draws up the voter list used in an election process, “You can only do the procedures for correcting the data in the DNI, up to the same day that the correction procedures are completed, i.e. 121 days before the election date”.

In the case of new citizens applying to DNI for the first time, although they cannot be prevented from registering with RUIPN at the end of the term, they can only exercise their right to elect officials in the next election process.

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