December 4, 2022

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How to access my vaccine card in 2022 | Peru | கோவிட் -19 | nnda-nnlt | Peru

Have you already taken at least two doses? Do you know how to get yours? ? This document certifying that you have been vaccinated has become the key to queuing up in public places, in the context of infections., Which now faces a new variant of anxiety: .

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Supreme Order No. According to 179-2021-PCM, those over the age of 18 must enter the premises with their vaccination card from December 10, 2021, when economic and worship activities will take place.

They must submit their physical or virtual card proving that they have completed the vaccination program against Govt-19 in Peru or abroad. If you have been vaccinated in Peru, we will show you how to obtain your vaccination certificate.

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How do I access my vaccination card?

If you have been vaccinated in Peru against the corona virus, you can check the use of your vaccine and you can check on the Ministry of Health platform and application vaccination card.


  • Login
  • Enter the document type (DNI, Alien Card, Passport, Temporary Residence Permit, Foreign Identity Document).
  • Document number.
  • date of birth.
  • Date of DNI release.
  • Click Accept Privacy Policy.
  • Click I’m not a robot.
  • Accept.
You can download and print your vaccine card via the Internet (Photo: Minza).

Your vaccination record will appear with your personal information. You must do the following:

  • In the Govt Vaccine section, click on the QR code.
  • Click View Certificate
  • You can save the QR code on your cell phone, take a screenshot of your vaccination card and / or print it out.


  • Download On your Android mobile phone or iOS operating system.
  • Record the requested data (date of birth, ID, etc.).
  • Please check the details of your vaccine and click on the QR code.
  • Enter the “View Certificate” option.
  • Get the Covit-19 digital vaccination card.
  • Do not forget to keep your QR code for verification of your card.
You need to download the Vaccine Card Processor on your Android phone and scan the QR.
You need to download the Vaccine Card Processor on your Android phone and scan the QR.

What information is on the Covit-19 vaccine card?

The vaccination card states:

  • Name and surname.
  • Type and number of identity document.
  • Nationality.
  • Date and place of vaccination.
  • Type of vaccine.
  • date of birth.
  • Sex ..
  • Age.
  • Vaccine manufacturer and batch number.

Under what circumstances should I issue my vaccination card?

You will need to submit a vaccination card:

  • Entrance to closed spaces: shopping centers, galleries, supermarkets, public stores, banks, markets, pharmacies, restaurants, stadiums, gyms, etc.
  • Work face to face.
  • If you are a driver or collector of public transportation.
  • Distribution service personnel.
  • Travel via Peru by plane or bus.
  • Outbound trips.

Is MINSA Vaccine Card Overseas Valid?

That’s it. Minza provides vaccine cards against Govt-19 to people who have been vaccinated in Peru. These certificates are recognized as valid in other parts of the world.

What happens if I get vaccinated abroad?

If you have been vaccinated abroad, you must show the vaccination card issued to you in that country. Peru respects and recognizes any card, certificate or any other document issued by a foreign health official certifying the COVID-19 vaccine to any citizen abroad. Keep in mind that the Ministry of Health is not responsible for providing any document certifying that a person has been vaccinated abroad.

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