February 2, 2023

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How to collect Solidarity income today? | Check Fee Schedule for July and August 2022 Here | Answers

The July and August 2022, corresponding to Cycles 28 and 29 of this grant, targeting people in the country in vulnerable situations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and other social, political and economic crises affecting the nation and the world; It has already started its payments according to the Department of Social Welfare .

Colombia, recently, presidential general elections were held, so there was doubt as to whether the elected president, Gustavo Pedro, would continue this public policy of his predecessor, Ivan Duk. A few days ago, from the Department of Social Welfare, the continuation of social benefits till 2022 was announced.

That is why one of the doubts that arise regarding solidarity income is how to collect this social benefit. Colombia For the months of July and August. In this note we tell you.

How to collect 2022 Solidarity income for July and August

First, before that, it is important to know whether you belong to the group of beneficiaries Colombia’s Unity Income In SISBÉN, families in need of support in collaboration with the Department of National Planning (DNP), excluding beneficiaries of other cash transfer programs, other databases such as PILA and pensioners, identify families only in this way with the greatest level of vulnerability.

After that, collect money from the scheme August Unity Income You need to enter the web portal And check if the option is active, for this you need to have all the data of the resident card in hand.

Solidarity income is collected through digital wallets or money orders, regardless of whether they have bank accounts or not. The best ways to pay include Nequi, Daviplata, Bancamía, Moviei and more than a dozen banks that offer this service to those with banking services.

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27,000 points to avail any subsidy ColombiaIt is important to present the identity physically.

Where to collect 2022 Solidarity income for July and August

Los Colombians Those who want to charge Solidarity income in Colombia They can do so through digital wallets or money orders, regardless of whether they have bank accounts or not.

For banking families, practice Solidarity income in Colombia will be made into their respective bank accounts.

On the other hand, for those who do not have a registered bank account, money from Solidarity income in Colombia It can be collected through digital wallets or money orders.

Digital wallets are mobile applications that can be downloaded to a cell phone to receive money Unity income Then withdraw the money, but it is used only on smartphones. Among them are Nequi, Daviplata, Bancamía, Moviei and a dozen banks that offer this service to unbanked people.

To do this, to create a digital wallet, on the Prosperidad social website, there is a step-by-step process to create it, as well as to register in “Ahoro a la Mano” or Nequi, DavyPlata and Movie.

Another form of distribution Solidarity income in Colombia It is banked through a third party savings account. In this case, for greater security, after registration, a text message is sent to them for compliance.

What is the Solidarity income in Colombia 2022?

Unity income Initially it was designed to work for the benefit of the most needy Colombia. Thanks to the Social Investment Act passed by Congress ColombianAnd approved by Ivan Duque, will implement the Social Prosperity Program until 2022. Therefore, the Social Investment Act increases the coverage of the program, which will go from 3 million to 4 million 85 thousand beneficiary families starting in March and April 2022.

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The program is giving priority to families living in extreme poverty in SISBÉN IV (Group A). This target will allow at least 30% of households to be female. 64.13% of households already receiving remittances are represented by female heads.