November 27, 2022

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How to Download Covid-19 Passport to Enter EU Countries: Here’s How | Minsa | Vaccination Card | Travel | NMR | | lime

The Ministry of Health () states that citizens can obtain international passports This will allow them to prove their vaccination by reading a QR code.

In this note, we describe in detail the steps to obtain this document so that it can enter the Member States European union Spain, Germany, France and other countries like Colombia, El Salvador, South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, United Kingdom were integrated into the system.

It should be noted that A Covid-19 passport will show where one has been vaccinatedAlso the type of dose, manufacturer and number of Covid-19 vaccine you received.

How to download Covid-19 Passport?

Follow these steps to download your Covid-19 passport:

  • Sign in
  • Select your document type (DNI, passport, immigration card, etc.).
  • Enter your document number.
  • Enter the date of issue of your DNI and your date of birth.
  • Press continue and voila.
European Union Covid-19 Passport

Once inside, look for the option “The EU’s Covid-19 Passport”

  • This printable document contains detailed information about your vaccination and will help you enter one of the member states of the European Union.
European Union Covid-19 Passport
European Union Covid-19 Passport

Check the validity of the QR code

From the same web page () You can check the validity of your vaccination card with QR code.

  • With your cell phone camera, scan the QR code until you see it on your screen.
  • To access the camera, you need to grant permission to the computer, click to permit When they ask for it.
Check the validity of the QR code
Check the validity of the QR code

Download the “Vaccination Card” app

This international certificate, developed by the General Office of Information Technologies of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) in accordance with European Union (EU) standards, is available in the “Vaccine Card” application.

It can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices with Android operating system and searching for “vaccine card” through the App Store on iOS and the App Gallery on Huawei.

Download the “Vaccination Card” app
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