May 30, 2023

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Huber Carlos Rodrigues | Brazil | No wonder: the pastor said he would rise again, but left the faithful waiting | EC stories | The world

Huber Carlos Rodriguez, a pastor from the Coimbatore municipality, passed away last Friday, October 22. . Three days after his death, a large crowd came to the funeral home where the body of the man he was supposed to resurrect was found.

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In 2008, the priest signed a document in which he promised to return to life three days after his death. A religious act in which, according to him, God will act so that his body and mind will not be corrupted as happens in other events of the dead.

“I am going to die three days later, and I will be resurrected on the third day. The integrity of my body must be completely preserved. During these three days there will be no stench or decay in my body, for God has prepared my flesh and my brain to go through this experience,” the cleric said in the document.

With this in mind, after the death of the individual, his parishioners gathered outside the funeral home on Monday night, Tuesday morning, October 26, waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.

However, as many expected, the person did not come back to life, and the body was immediately transferred to a coffin for burial.

The family of the deceased, who had done everything possible to postpone his burial for these 3 days, assured the authorities that he would return to life on Monday night.

According to the Brazilian news website ‘Metrópoles’, the person died of heart and respiratory problems.

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According to the media, the priest will return to life at 11:30 pm on Monday, according to the time of death. However, there was no resurrection, and Rodriguez could not bear witness to the “light” of God with the promised promise.

Ana Maria de Oliveira Rodriguez, an associate of the deceased, had been with him for more than 20 years and believed that he would be resurrected, so he was prevented from being buried the day after his death, as prescribed by Brazilian law for security reasons. .

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