December 4, 2022

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Hurricane Elsa intensifies in the Caribbean on its way to Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti | Surface | USA | Miami | Florida | The world

, The first hurricane of 2021 in the Atlantic Ocean, moved south of Hispaniola Island (Dominican Republic and Haiti) this Saturday, with winds of up to 75 mph (120 km / h) expected. The situation in the region worsens over the next few hours.

Check out Hurricane Elsa’s trail:

According to him United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), Eight o’clock in the morning Miami time (14.00 GMT), center Elsa It is located 110 miles (175 km) southeast of Isla Beta in the Dominican Republic and about 440 miles (710 km) east-southeast of Kingston (Jamaica).

View: Hurricane Elsa raises concerns about the recovery of a building that collapsed in Miami

The hurricane is moving west-northwest at 31 mph (50 km / h) and is expected to ease slightly on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, after which it will return to the northwest on Sunday. Monday in the evening or on.

Based on the predicted path, Elsa will move closer to the southern coast of Hispaniola today and move closer to Jamaica and parts of eastern Cuba.

View: Cuba is under hurricane surveillance due to Elsa’s progress through the Caribbean

“On Monday, Elsa is expected to travel through central and western Cuba to the Strait of Florida.” Added.

Said the NHC Elsa It could be up to 1.5 meters above normal on the southern coast of Cuba, up to 1.2 meters off the southern coast of Hispaniola and up to about 1 meter off the coast of Jamaica.

Elsa’s rain, hurricane force winds and strong winds could hit the Florida Peninsula next week, however it will depend on how the hurricane works over the weekend, when it hits the major Caribbean islands, the NHC said.

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The path of Hurricane Elsa. (National Hurricane Center).

Hurricane-related weather is bad news for the city of Surfside in Florida, with search efforts continuing for those whose building collapsed last week.

On Friday, Haitian officials expressed concern about the lack of emergency supplies such as food and water.

Most of the government’s emergency resources were used to evacuate thousands of people in Port-au-Prince from their homes due to gang violence.

Haitian authorities sought to send supplies to the southern coast, which was most threatened by the hurricane.

But part of the only highway south from the capital is controlled by heavily armed gangs, which do not always lead.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew killed more than 500 people in southern Haiti and caused nearly $ 2 billion in damage.

Teams will continue to work

The Barbados government has announced that emergency management teams will continue to work to assist the people and restore normalcy to the island.

Detachment of roofs, fall of fences and trees is very important in the southern part of the island.

In the central part of the island, residents of St. George municipality also experienced power and water cuts.

In Saint Lucia, the National Emergency Management Agency (Nemo) announced the cancellation of a tropical storm warning for the Caribbean island.

However, due to the danger posed by the fall of trees and utility poles, the company asked with caution that many of them converge on the roads of the Caribbean island and experience the force of the wind from Elsa.

This satellite image, provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, shows Hurricane Elsa moving through the Caribbean.  (NOAA / NESDIS / STAR VA via AP).
This satellite image, provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, shows Hurricane Elsa moving through the Caribbean. (NOAA / NESDIS / STAR VA via AP).

Jamaica Warning

The Jamaican government has issued a hurricane warning for the island.

It is predicted to be Sunday Elsa Moving near Jamaica and the eastern regions Cuba.

The latter country, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and parts of Haiti are currently under hurricane warning or surveillance, with maximum winds of up to 85 mph (140 km / h) in the latter part as Hurricane Elsa passes. National Hurricane Center (NHC) in the United States.

Elsa, The first hurricane of the year in the Atlantic Ocean, moves rapidly through the eastern Caribbean at a speed of 30 miles (48 km / h) and is about 505 miles (815 km) southeast of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. And 180 miles (290 km).

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