November 27, 2022

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“I am the death of you”: British says he suffered torture after being captured by Russians in Ukraine

An Englishman was captured Ukraine And on the Sunday he was released in a prisoner exchange, he said his captors punched him and forced him to sing Russian national anthem.

Aidan Azlin was released and flew to Riyadh last Wednesday with four others British The Sun, in his first interview, said United KingdomTortured.

Aslin, 28, lived in Nottinghamshire, central England Ukraine It served the navy when Russia invaded the country in February.

He was captured while fighting Kiev and sentenced to death in June by Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk in the east UkraineHe accused him of being a mercenary.

Aslin told The Sun that he was hit with a baton several times during the interrogation and at one point was hit on the forehead and fell to the ground.

An officer knelt beside him and said in Russian:I am your death” he thought.

“Did you see what I did?” He said to me pointing to my back. He showed me a knife and then I realized he had stabbed me,” she said.

His captor asked if he wanted a quick death or a graceful death, Aslin said. He replied, “A quick death,” and the man replied: “No, you’re going to have a beautiful death.”

He said he spent the next five months in a small room infested with cockroaches and lice, without daylight except when he was taken outside to make propaganda videos or to communicate with the British Foreign Office.

He said he heard the Russian national anthem on a loop and was ordered to stand up and sing, “To the glory Russia“.

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The young man thanked the Russian oligarch “with all his heart”. Roman Abramovich — subject to restrictions United Kingdom And this European union — for the role he played in his release.

Azlin was released along with four others British In the framework of the exchange of 10 prisoners of war through the mediation of Saudi Arabia.