November 27, 2022

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Indonesian | Outrage over Rodrigo Ventocilla’s suspicious death and Foreign Ministry report | Balinese | lime

Rodrigo Ventocilla Ventocilla, 32, had completed an internship in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was time to return to Harvard University (USA), where he earned a master’s degree in public administration. But he decided to travel to Bali first (), along with her husband Sebastian Marellano. The plan was to spend their honeymoon there.

Upon arrival He was arrested on the charges Drug possession. A few days later, under inexplicable circumstances, he died in hospital. Considering these facts, the Posted by Indicates that relevant measures have been taken and detention is not applicable Acts of racial discrimination and transphobia. The document generated rejection and outrage among various LGTBIQ+ groups and collectives without showing solidarity or addressing human rights violations.

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Facts and unknowns

Ventocilla arrived at Denpasar-Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali on 6 August. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the arrest was allegedly made after customs found items containing residues of drugs, pills and their respective medical prescriptions in his possession. Cannabis, as well as products made with said element. Then came Maralano, who would have been detained while trying to help her husband.

system Trans Male Diversity (TDM) points out that the authorities have to pay huge sums of money to the youth for their freedom, $13,000 to $100,000 each. It indicated that both were subjected to police violence during their detention and that their rights to health, liberty, access to legal protection, information and non-discrimination were violated.

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On August 9, Relatives were informed that the room of the two youths had been vandalized, so they had to take him to the hospital. Ventocilla would have been in A Intensive care unit. Two days later, they were transferred to another health center, where the Harvard student and economist died.

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Families and organizations involved in the case initially condemned Indonesian authorities for not authorizing the delivery. Medical report From the police hospital, two Perus were first treated. They opine that they were not given the necessary tests and were not allowed to communicate with their contacts.

They also allege that the authorities struggled to access the second hospital when advocates such as Harvard students who went to support Ventocilla.

Despite calls for help and pressure from various organizations, “Consul [Julio Tenorio Pereyra] He did not appear to support our relatives until the news of our beloved Rodrigo’s death arrived.Reads the report published by the social networks.


In a foreign ministry statement, the agency said Indonesia Maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding possession Medicines and its derived productsand underscores that Ventocilla “He would have committed a serious offense under the strict laws of that country.”.

Nothing can be explained or justified [los dos jóvenes] A Peruvian detained by the Indonesian government is more likely to die than to be imprisoned without explanation.I said Trade Congresswoman Suchel Paredes is following the case closely. According to the official, the country’s authorities need to explain the circumstances of Ventocilla’s death, stressing that the person who should request this information is the embassy.

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“We are civil society organizations and LGTBIQ+ activists accompanying the relatives of Sebastian and Rodrigo, We express our disapproval and rejection of the statement of the Ministry of External AffairsIt is biased, inadequate and very unempathetic.”Luzmo Henriques, representative of these groups, announced. “We demand a process to determine those responsible for the torture, extortion and human rights violations that led to Rodrigo’s death”he added.

“When the two are arrested, something happens to their health and they lose consciousness. A few days later, Sebastian recovers, but Rodrigo dies. It should be investigated by the Ministry of External Affairs.”Paredes insisted.

According to her, Ventocilla and Marellano are doubly vulnerable. First, because they possessed cannabis residues and derived products, in a country with a serious crackdown on the drug problem. Second, because they were both transgender, in an area where people were publicly punished.

Although this is not the case across the country, Many provinces, cities and districts in Indonesia prohibit same-sex intimacy through local laws.

“Just as the U.S. advises against travel to terror-stricken countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should warn Peruvians of the danger by giving them a list of states where homosexuality is a crime.”Walls said.


In an interview with this newspaper, The He opined that his relatives felt that he did not get direct support from the Ministry of External Affairs. “They have indicated that the consul answered the calls and provided the phone number of the lawyers, but Not present at the most important moments of detention. And that Not enough support was received to return Rodrigo’s remainsPercy Castillo, Deputy Ombudsman for Human Rights and Persons with Disabilities, said.

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Castillo said it is recommended to request an investigation to determine whether the embassy adequately fulfilled its obligations and served the interests of the victims. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must establish the extent to which its officials acted in accordance with the law in support of Peruvians abroad”He explained.

Before hearing the relatives’ statements, the Ombudsman sent the first official letter to the Ministry of External Affairs. After receiving this new information, a second document was released requesting an investigation. Similarly, concern has been expressed about the official statement of the Ministry of External Affairs. Definitive statements are being released while the investigation into what happened is still pending.

“There is no formal investigation procedure. Not even a formal investigation was opened where the family’s statements could be verified and what could be said in the embassy’s defense.Cleared the line.


should be taken into account

Two days after his arrest, Ventocilla was taken to a hospital and died of “failure of bodily functions,” Bali police spokesman Stephanus Sadek Bayu Sedianto told Reuters.

The spokesman said the teenager would have fallen ill after taking drugs that were not among the items seized by police.