February 4, 2023

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Iran: The death of a 22-year-old woman who was arrested for wearing an improper veil has caused a stir.

“Dear Mahza, your name will become an icon,” declared the front page of Sunday’s economic daily. AsiaAccording to most journals IranThe incident of the death of a young woman in custody has caused a shock The moral police.

The unit, which is responsible for monitoring the proper use of the country’s mandatory Muslim veil and overseeing strict dress codes generally imposed on Iranian women, has been criticized on several occasions in recent months for its violent interventions. There is a practice from the country against youths who are accused of violating these norms Islamic revolution In 1979.

from the first Iranian Kurdistan, Among them was 22-year-old Mahsa Amini Capital He was accompanied by his family when he was arrested last Tuesday.

On Friday afternoon, a crowd gathered outside Hospital KasraIn the center TehranThe young woman died after three days in a coma.

In ChagasIn his hometown, where he was buried on Saturday, residents threw stones at the governor’s headquarters and shouted hostile slogans, which were dispersed by police with tear gas.

On Sunday, all the media in the capital brought the death of the young woman on the front page.

“People are shocked and angry about what happened Mahza AminiThe reformist daily Etemad pointed out that the country had checked “in several cases the violence of the moral police”.

moderate newspaper Jomhuri Eslami He warned against “social breakdown” due to “violent behaviour” by police officers.

Newspaper IranA government publication accused the reformers of “exploiting people’s emotions by using an unfortunate incident to turn the nation against the government and the president”.

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For its part, the ultraconservative newspaper Kayhan criticized that “the number of rumors and lies after Mahza’s death” has “increased significantly”.

“Nevertheless, the police released pictures of the incident, confusing opportunists who wanted to instrumentalize the incident,” the newspaper added.

By that he meant a short film Surveillance video A telecast on official television showed a woman, identified as Mahza, collapsing in a police station after arguing with an agent.

Iranian Police Edition

Tehran Police In a statement on Thursday, Amini was detained along with other women “Explanations and instructions” on dress code.

“Suddenly he developed a heart problem… he was rushed to the hospital,” the statement said.

“Unfortunately, he passed away. And his body has been transferred to a medico-legal institution,” state television said on Friday.

Police confirmed the death in a statement insisting there was no “physical contact” between the agents and the woman.

Mahza Amini “and a certain number of people, dressed inappropriately, were taken to a police headquarters”, but “She fainted suddenly When I was in a meeting room with others,” the same source said.

President Ibrahim Raisi has called for an investigation to be opened.

1.5 million tweets

Numerous filmmakers, artists and sports, political and religious figures expressed their views Anger In Social websites.

Former president and reformist leader Mohammad Khatami called on authorities to “end the crackdown.” It is against law, logic and Sharia“, and to “bring to justice” those responsible. Death of Amini.

Grand Ayatollah Asatullah Bayat Janjani described the “set of conduct and events” that triggered the “unfortunate and unfortunate incident” as “unlawful” and “unlawful”.

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“The Qur’an clearly forbids believers from using force to impose their values Religious and moral“, he pointed out.

“Mahsa is more alive now than we are,” said filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, who won two Oscars for best foreign film. “We are sleeping without reacting to this endless cruelty. We are complicit in this crime,” he asserted.

“Our daughters’ hair is covered with a scarf,” wrote several players of the national football team in a common story (ephemeral post) on Instagram.

“If they are Muslims, may God disbelieve me,” Bayer Leverkusen striker Sardar Asmoun said.

On Twitter, the hashtag #Mahsa_Amini was trending at the top in Persian on Sunday afternoon, with nearly 1.5 million tweets.