June 3, 2023

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Is Solidarity Income still payable in April 2023? Social Prosperity Answers | Answers

He Unity income Payments are made through beneficiaries selected by SISBÉN IV Department of Social Welfare, who in May 2022 announced a different way in the tariff schedule, which established an increase in the subsidy, which will be paid bi-monthly. However, this year, after the arrival of a new government led by Gustavo Pedro, new changes were made in its implementation.

Director of Community Prosperity, Cielo Rusinque, confirmed that the Solidarity Income program will not continue in 2023: “The grant was given to mitigate the effects of the epidemic within the framework of the pandemic, we had limited resources and the previous government made it available until December 31 and that’s the end of the only transfer.”

However, other social programs such as Familias en Acción or Jóvenes en Acción will continue as usual. For now, from community prosperity, they hope to reorganize existing programs, establish budgets, and create forms of access for people in need.

Likewise, it was confirmed that the company is preparing what will replace it Unity incomeOr, it is expected to release its presentation after March or April.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary?

To check if you are a beneficiary of the program, you need to register on the program page. Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter
  • Click the SIGN UP button at the top right of the page.
  • In Digital Citizen Authentication Service, login with your ID number if you are already registered or register here.
  • In Access Type, select Enrollment with Identity Document and continue the process.
  • Once you’ve registered, go back to the program page and log in (steps 1, 2 and 3).
  • After entering the system, a window will appear with the information of the registered user. Verify the data and close the window.
  • Click on the Check Turns and Beneficiaries button. Finally, a window will appear with information related to your family (if you are a beneficiary, housing status, etc.).
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How Much Money Do Beneficiaries Get From Unity Income?

Those who meet all the requirements for the benefit will receive an additional $500,000 in support as part of the Solidarity Income, Families in Action and Youth Action Plans. 2 million families will be in a situation of extreme poverty and mostly, the mothers of the family will get that they will benefit from this measure.

Gustavo Pedro’s new bonus for 2023 is $500 thousand pesos

The president added on the replacement of the solidarity income, that $500,000 “is not only to lift that mother out of the poverty line, but also to bring food to the children; we are going to subsidize fertilizers for food throughout Colombia, and our officials here at the Ministry of Agriculture calculate how much we need; regardless of the size of the producers, they subsidize will get fertilizers at a price. It should have a goal, which is to reduce prices in supermarkets and increase the profits of families who dedicate themselves to agriculture, thinking about what Colombia needs. Food production”.

However, it is not known how the budget will get up to $500,000 that will be provided to each single mother who will benefit from the program.

In fact, Victor Muñoz, former director of the Administration Department of the Presidency (Tabre), said the 2023 budget “does not include a consolidated income because its legal basis is Law 2155 on social investment, which expires in December.” Therefore, he highlighted that the Solidarity Income subsidy is in the hands of the Ministry of Finance: “You have to provide legal means in the budget law.”

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A month and a half ago, the Colombian president had already announced the dismissal of the director of the Department of Social Development (TPS), Ciolo Rusinke. “The unity income was born in the context of the epidemic with a pre-defined period that goes up to December 31 this year. Resources are not spared,” he pointed out on September 15 through local media.

What is Solidarity Income?

The Solidarity Income Program was implemented by the National Government of Colombia to respond to the social effects of the pandemic on Colombian families. Thanks to the Social Investment Law, Prosperidad Social will be able to implement this program until 2022. Additionally, the coverage of the scheme has been increased from 3 million to 4 million to 85 thousand beneficiary households starting from March and April 2022.

The Solidarity Income Program gives priority to households registered in extreme poverty in SISBÉN IV (Group A). 64.13% of households already receiving cash transfers are represented by female heads.

You don’t need intermediaries or registrations to be part of Colombia’s Solidarity Income Program. The entire process is carried out by updating the Sisbén IV survey.

Solidarity Income was created and designed for people and families in vulnerable situations, in this case, the rise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and various other crises affecting the country and the entire world. The scar of prices in the base basket affects not just Colombia, but the entire planet.