March 29, 2023

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Israel | American family blocks Israel’s main airport as they try to carry a bomb as a souvenir | Ben-Kurian | Tel Aviv | Colon Heights | EC stories | | The world

A family Set alarms at Tel Aviv’s main airport One after the discovery of security agents One of his suitcases was unexploded. According to the testimony of those involved, the grenade was recovered during the visit .

Mira: Palestinian militants fired at least four rockets at Israel from Gaza

It started during a tour of the plateau bordering Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. In the middle of the crossing, One of the children in the family found the explosive and decided to keep it as a “souvenir”.. Later, he and his loved ones both went to the airport .

Once there, while doing the ‘check-in’ The luggage to access his plane was made by members of the security team making a terrifying discovery. Passengers were warned to leave the area immediately. The tense moment can be verified through the broadcast videos And other social networks.

Mira: Israeli bombardment of Gaza following rocket fire from Hamas-controlled territory

The pictures show people running and hiding behind their respective suitcases to try to protect themselves from a possible explosion. According to , A man who tried to escape with a conveyor belt was admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

After a few minutes of fear and panic, officials in Ben Gurion said the situation was under control. The family, for its part, He was subjected to intensive interrogation. After it was verified that it was a misunderstanding, they were allowed to board the planned flight.

Mira: The farmer who discovered the 4,500 year old statue

Hours later, A photo of the projectile has been released. Despite the bomb rusting on its surface, it remained intact.

It should be remembered that the area was the scene of heavy fighting during the Six Day War of 1967, and artifacts such as landmines and barbed wire are still scattered throughout the area.

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