December 4, 2022

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Israel approves a third-degree vaccine for people over 60 years of age

The Ministry of Health of Israel It was decided today to start using the third dose Covit-19 vaccine Over 60, Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett announced today.

“Starting this Sunday, hospitals and health centers will be allowed to receive the elderly Third dose“During a televised speech, Bennett described the results as” based on extensive research and analysis “and described” the risk posed by delta variability. “

“We will share all the information we have with the rest International Community As we move forward, “he said.

This Third dose It is administered to those over the established minimum age and to those who received the second dose at least five months ago.

The move comes after an announcement yesterday, following a detailed discussion involving Israeli experts and politicians. Pfizer The third dose of your vaccine “enhances” safety Delta variant of the corona virus Against the two-dose schedule.

Two weeks ago Israeli Ministry of Health The administration of a third dose to immunocompromised adults was already approved. Since then, 2,000 people have already received reinforcements, Bennett reported today.

A few months after the default, Israel, One of the countries that was able to vaccinate the highest percentage of its population fast, re-applied some restrictions late last month after registering a slow but sudden outbreak.

Since the beginning of this week, the number of new daily cases has reached more than 2,000, far more than the figures handled by the country in recent months, including those who have been vaccinated.

Today the number of active cases exceeds 15,000, while the number Patients In extreme cases it is even lower, with 159.

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As a result of this increase, due Delta variation propagationAs of today, an organization called Green Pass will rule the country so that only people who have been vaccinated, rescued or tested negatively can access certain sites.

In recent weeks, authorities have tightened restrictions on returns from abroad, expanded the list of countries where travel is prohibited and postponed tourist entry, which has been banned from the outset. International spread It was scheduled for this month.

So, starting tomorrow Cyprus, Turkey, United Kingdom and Georgia Will be added to the list of countries defined as high risk, including Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, Among other things, Israeli citizens and residents cannot travel without special permission.


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