December 4, 2022

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Israel records a record number of infections caused by delta variation despite being vaccinated

Israel Today it has recorded more than 500 infections COVID-19, A record number since March, after finding a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine, which prevents 93% of serious cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, the effectiveness of the vaccine to prevent infections, with or without symptoms, has dropped to 64% since June. Delta variant, While continuing to protect against serious illness and hospitalization.

Israel today added 501 new cases, 50% among school students, with a positive ratio of 0.7%, for a total of 2,901 cases, although only 33 are currently hospitalized.

With more than 5.1 million residents vaccinated – more than 9 million in total – health officials are promoting the vaccine campaign among adolescents and trying to dispose of the surplus.

About vaccines

Prime Minister of Israel, Naphtali Bennett, Today announced an agreement with South Korea to send 700,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine, which expires at the end of the month, in exchange for the country repaying the same amount when it receives its order in September-October 2021.

The agreement was announced after the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) rejected a similar agreement due to an upcoming expiration date.

The new Israeli government has re-implemented the call Corona virus cabinet, Which meets tomorrow, Tuesday, to assess the epidemiological status and approved two studies to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine by age and characteristics and cellular immunity.

The inner mask has become mandatory again Israel Foreigners with tourist visas have been barred from entering the country since the outbreak in March 2020. (EFE)

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