December 4, 2022

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Italy | He left his child for 6 days, returned home, and she died: “I knew it would happen” | Alessia Pifferi | EC Stories | | the world

This was the last of many dropouts. Diana lived only 18 months, dying of hunger and thirst, when her mother Alessia Piferi – a 36-year-old woman – went to visit her current partner in Bergamo. . For this, he left his destiny In his apartment in Via Baria, located in the Ponte Lambro area . “I knew it could happen”, said the Italian when he saw his daughter’s corpse.

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Fifes He left his home last Friday, July 15, to visit his partner in the province of Bergamo. After returning home and finding her dead daughter, the woman was detained by the local security forces.

After admitting responsibility for the act, she was immediately found guilty Planned serious voluntary manslaughter. Shortly after, the Ponte Lambro Police Department provided details of the crime scene.

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Alessia left her home last Friday, July 15, to meet her partner in the province of Bergamo. (Photo: Corriere Milano/GTA) / Courier Milan

Diana was in a camp cot. Next to him was a half-dose of alcohol and another of benzodiazepines.. When agents arrived at the scene, the child’s mother, who was already there, was questioned by prosecutor Francesco Di Tomasi. .

Outside the courthouse where Alessia was arrested, neighbors hung white balloons with the girl’s name and phrases in her memory. Bye, little angel. On the balcony of the apartment where they both lived Diana’s clothes are still hanging.

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Neighbors hung white balloons in memory of the girl with the slogan “Diana Angelito” (Photo: Corriere Milano/ GTA). / Courier Milan

According to the same Italian media, the neighbors did not know the minor and his mother. “She is very reserved”, pointed out a woman. “Never played with her” he added in his statement.

She was not a lively woman: she was always very quiet. She would occasionally be seen in the stroller, there with her mother, but always so quiet that it was hard to make her smile.”, the same neighbor described to Corriere della Sera.

Until a few years ago, Alessia’s mother also lived with them and then left the area. Piferi admitted that he did not know who the father of the girl, who was born on January 29, was. The woman’s ex-husband, whom she separated three years ago, also lives in the apartment next door.

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