March 29, 2023

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Janet Barboza emotionally reunites with boyfriend after many months Farándula NNDC | Performances

Through his Instagram stories, After several months of separation, he shared with thousands of followers his emotional reunion with his partner Miguel Bayona.

Ethel Bozo’s partner can be seen in the pictures mobilizing inside the airport facilities, and explains that she records her reaction the moment she finds her boyfriend.

“Now what I’m going to do is put the phone at hand level because all I want is to remember their reaction later, we put it here”, He said when he went to meet Miguel Bayona.

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“I saw, his mother, is that true? No yes … he came with mom, I could not believe he is there !!! Is there !!! And with Lucy, I just couldn’t believe it ”, “America hoy” shouted the presenter.

Similarly, the image of America Television has shared pictures of the long-awaited warmth he played with Miguel. “Some photos taken by Miguel’s mother with us at the meeting at the airport”, He has written in pictures released on his Instagram story.

Janet Barbosa

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