February 2, 2023

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Japan | Record epidemic suicide: Why are so many children taking their own lives in Japan? | The world

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Suicide has a long history As a way to avoid something that is considered shameful or insulting. In the midst of the epidemic, the number of children who have lost their lives in an Asian country has reached its highest level in four decades, revealing the urgency with which the nation’s problem can be addressed.

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According to the Ministry of Education, 415 children from primary to high school committed suicide last year due to the Govt-19 epidemic. This figure, which broke the 1974 record, represents an increase of nearly 100 suicides over the previous year.

Unfortunately, these record hikes are nothing new. In early years, it was reported that suicides among Japanese children had reached a three-decade high.

Experts point to school pressures and bullying as possible triggersAn article in “The New York Times” in 2017 stressed that Japan has a persistent suicide problem.

A separate study conducted by the Cabinet Office of Japan in 2015 found that suicides were on the rise among children on September 1, suggesting that students felt the most intense school pressures after the summer holidays.“Media added.

According to the media, the Ministry of Education has registered more than 196,127 school-age children who have been absent for 30 days or more, according to those with experience in the past year.

The NHK quoted an education ministry official as saying that changes in the school and home environment due to the epidemic have had a major impact on children’s behavior.

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Suicide rate Japan This has been high for a long time compared to other countries, but that country has seen a 40% decline in 15 years, with 10 consecutive years of decline since 2009.

Suicide in children is not a recent problem in Japan.  (Photo: AFP)
Suicide in children is not a recent problem in Japan. (Photo: AFP)

However, amid the epidemic, suicides among the general population increased in 2020 after a decade of decline. The number of women who took their own lives increased amid emotional and financial pressures caused by the epidemic, although the rise was lower among men.

Difficulty finding help

Although childhood suicide is not a unique issue in Japan, mental illness is still not an open topic for discussion in society. It is especially difficult to seek help from children and teenagers who are depressed or anxious.

In Japan, their biggest problem is that they have more stigma attached to mental health problems than other countries. You are more likely to be bullied and less likely to receive support and understanding services from your parentsVicky Scorzie, director of the Crisis Hotline in Delhi, a crisis consulting and intervention service in Tokyo, told the New York Times a few years ago.

Also, some experts say that children do not receive as much support from family as in the past. Although many generations of a family live together, these arrangements are less common now, so many children spend their days alone.

That fact must be taken into account. “Schools are generally not right to deal with mental illness among students and education about mental illness is generally not“, Agrega” The New York Times “.


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